Monday, March 21, 2011

Totally Back & Alive!

Couldn't stay gone forever, right?! I think I've mulled over my thoughts to myself long enough. Feeling a little cooped & ready to say hey again. Going to school part time still (Political Science & Math this semester, Anatomy/Physiology & English last semester). I've missed a whole lot of comings and goings with everyone (very sad about that). Felt very overwhelmed a bit with all that I have taken on, but now have sorted through a rich mixture of feelings. Confused yet?

I guess I could explain it as chapters in my life morphed into new ones and I didn't quite know where I was headed. I do know that I miss the closeness I felt with everyone of my friends. I also know that it is important to take care of finding "you", which is where I was and where I'm going.

It's the two month long celebration of birthdays in my house again. I will whip up a post to sum up what we've been up to next. I kept promising myself that I would post something fabulous and would sit up and night thinking of what I would write when I have time and then one day it hit me.... I'll never have time if I have to proof-read & censor myself. So off the cuff, here we come. That's what this is changing into. More of me. More of my fly-by-night self. Raw Sara. Scared yet. ;) I'll be checking in and checking back often. Thanks for the patience & back to your regularly scheduled programming.....


Lisa said...

Welcome back ~ you were missed!!

The Family K. said...

I know the blog lag very well myself, though I'm not half as busy as you are, my friend. I hope you're finding time amidst all the busyness to rest.

Shirley H. said...

Welcome back~~~ *grinz*

QingLu Mama said...

Welcome back...I'll take Sara in the raw any day so bring it all on!

Your kids are all growing up so much and are so lovely (well handsome for Kole...)
Look forward to reading more of your day to day and beyond!

lorabelle said...

Woohooo! Finally...
SSSOOOOO happy you are back!

Send me that video when you get the chance.

Love ya!

Tisra said...

Scared yet?- Not. A. Bit. (Us crazy folks stick together, right?!)


Andrea said...

Well there you are !
Love the group of super heros-
ridding the world of evil cookies, no doubt.
Congrats on your classes..that is awesome.
Missed u.