Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Congratulations to me!!! I finally was brave enough to set up a blog. Typing on blogs and chats sometimes feels like yelling out into the abyss or some vacant woods, so I might be a rambling mindless mama at times. My husband will laugh because he is not the type for blogs. He'll probably hunt me down if I put up pics of him so we might have to blur faces. haha I come from a family of 12 (9 siblings, 2 parents + ME) so I love company. I don't do abbreviations really so pardon my old school long hand. Our daughter Nika is 7, son Kole is 3 and daughter Jadyn is 1 (17 months). We are adopting a little girl from Taiwan. I compare my children to alot of animals, lovingly of course. I just spent a lot of my time as a child reading a massive animal encyclopedia. Obviously, you will learn lots of useless facts and extract tons of silly stories from my blog so feel free to laugh along with me!

We should be doing our homestudy... aaannnyy miinnuteee! Hopefully sooner than later as that is what starts the wait time until referral in Taiwan adoption. My little ones keep asking when she will be here and I get antsy along with them. I enjoy our children so much that it makes the adoption seem slower because I know of the added fun to come!