Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shake the Glitter

"Shake, shake, shake the glitter." Katy Perry's song is so true. Hubby calls me today and tells me the bad day he's had so far... but it is so hilarious too, sad but funny. He gets a call for water in a room, checks the room and there is water soaking the carpet by the bed and air-conditioner. Odd because when tubs leak, they usually soak only the tub below. So he treks up to the room above.

He tells the occupant he needs to check the room for water damage and they find it near a huge mound of now wet and damaged convention clothes laid out near a wall. Obviously not the leaky room, up another couple floors and when he finds the closed room with water pouring out, he bangs on the door, yelling for the occupant to open. No answer, so after trying a few more times, he warns he's coming in.

Six inches of water comes spilling out and he sees three luggage cases floating around the room. He wades into the restroom and finds a tub overflowing and a shower running with a woman passed out, laying across a shower bench. He yells at the woman to wake up. No reply. Turns off the shower and keeps yelling for her to come to. He can't wake her and at this point with the way her body is draped across the bench, he has no idea whether she is just crazy inebriated or wasted by drugs or drugged. Finally he gets her to mumble out, "Is this a dream?" He says, "No this is very much reality, and you had better get up and get it together because in about 5 minutes, you're going to have a room full of men in here draining the water."

He says her only dry clothes were dirty on the bathroom counter, and out of her 5 day stay for work, this was her 4th night (almost made it unscathed). She had two cots in the room and asked where the guys were.... then she realized these "guys" did not stick around and abandoned her. Now what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.... except your $8 - $10,000 flood bill.

This is literally one of millions of stories. My husband says this song is his theme music. So to today's Aquatic Beauty ... that's what you get for waking up in Vegas. copy and paste (embeding diabled)
Katy Perry - "Waking Up in Vegas": "One Of The Boys" (MTV one but delay on words and it bugs)