Thursday, September 25, 2008

After Shot

Okay the hair's been chopped. Getting an after picture was hard because I'm not photogenic (and hubby kept trying to have me not look at the camera and I couldnt' stop laughing). I was going for a Mila Kunis Hair thing (okay I'm no Mila Kunis but that's cool) although we added a bit of copper brown streaks. I really Love it and I MISS having short hair again. I love the blond too but I was a little blond-ed out... think straw. My husband is getting used to the stranger that used to be his wife. ha ha

I have to thank everyone who voted (& posted too) but a big thanks for compliments I didn't expect. I have a really hard time taking compliments well so I'm going to just say "Thank you so very much and it is very kind of you", instead of ... it's my parents DNA. I really like your suggestions and I figure I'll take some in the future as well. I did have that inverted bob about 10 years ago and that was a fun cut (It was cut by this Asian lady from New York and she was hilarious... she kept flipping my hair and with her NY accent saying, "Your hair; It's gotta move which your body"). That was my Junior year at high school cut. The short blond was actually not done that day but it was the Meg Ryan short choppy cut... also loved Dharma and Greg...

It was hard to decide on a final style so I decided to be scientific and found out which face shape I have (which it's still between oval and square) and found celebrities with the same face shape or possibly have similar looks (we tried Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis, Kirstin Dunst... her's is mostly round though). Then my hair dresser friend found colors to match my skin tones (I'm more in need of a golden hues).

Yup... what we women go through. Mentally exhausting. whew! What I was really tempted to do... was this inverted choppy bob with bright red and choppy blond streaks...but I had second thoughts about keeping it up! Too busy with monkeys.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Help Decide My Haircut

Alright everyone. It's haircutting time. Mind you... I'm not scared of hair cuts, minus a bic'd head (no shaving here). I spent most of my years chopping my hair and dying it all sorts of colors about every three months or so but motherhood has a way of slowing that down and focusing more on your little ones' needs. Right now... momma's getting selfish and doing something for her. Help me out.

Some of you may have experience with face size and what looks good on certain faces... whatever is cool with me. Just let me know in the suggestions and if you want it kept private... I will read it but delete it and not post public (which I do anyways for friends who say email them and give email addresses). So I've had the hair black, streaked burgundy and blonde, red, blonde and brown streaks, white blonde, red like Lucy, mostly within normal hair-color ranges... the blue and green hair was hubby's deal.

SO here's the requirements: cut suggestions and color suggestions and that's it. Oh and my face has good tone coloring that usually goes with most colors. I'm a Danish, Irish, English, Welsh, French mix with olive-ish skin tones so that may help with color (although with the ten kids we ended up with the rainbow colors). And my hair has slight natural wave that I usually straighten (and I'm talented with hair equipment and supplies so don't be afraid to mention a time consuming cut just because I look pretty drab in this pic.)

The pictures are ones my kids took for before and after pics... the kissy face is actually a zerbit and I thought it was cute... and Nika is enjoying the rain that never ever comes to Vegas! Gosh that top picture looks very depressing... yes, I know I should find time to do my hair... but I wanted to be realistic for the picture and put what I look like when I'm in a hurry.

I thought this would be a fun way to decide on something that is always hard to decide because I LOVE everything!

EDIT: Realized I should probably give you an idea of what my head may look like with other cuts. Here's a short short, a black, a basic brown with some chunky blond (bad pic), a red and a fairly blond layered thing. Okay the black was a bit much and sucked to get out so that should probably be avoided. I just realized my children didn't get any of their photogenic talents from me. ha ha There's more hair cuts but the pictures are just too bad to post. Trust me. Oh and if you look closely at the bottom pic... my Dad is sticking his tongue out at ya.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

YIPPEE!!!! I'm important to someone! ;0) Oh and yes, you have to sing the title (just like the tv show... why? Because I sing everything). he he Okay I have never really figured out how to post links and one of the rules of the award is to link back to it's creator. Hopefully I won't be stripped of the title...will I have to give back the sash? =0(

Miss Andrea is the sweetheart who has bestowed this honor (you've got to swing by her place...her place is always hopping & a fun riot). This is what she wrote about me, " Sara/Sofa at Precious Monkeys & Little Wonders because she is NEVER afraid to "grab the bull by the horns", she ain't perfect and dang proud of it, she has shared her "adoption up & downs" no holds barred, and when I look at her...I see myself."

It's funny because I look at her and see a 7th long lost sister. I never realized I was proud of my mistakes but come to think of it... I totally am. They make for some seriously funny stories when you can get over the initial sting and I guess I've always just had to share. With her, I can imagine myself at her place, making cookies in my underpants (j/j ;0) getting dirty, riding horses and loving it. Thank you for this honor, chicita mamita supreme-ita. Love ya.

Here are the Smile Award rules:
1. The recipient must link back the the award's creator (see babblings of mere above).
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.
3. You must choose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself.
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.

Characteristics for the Smile Award:

1. Must display a cheerful attitude (not necessarily at all times--we are all human). Is wacky considered cheerful? ;0)
2. Must love one another. I think I qualify there... I even love slugs... boogers are another story though.
3. Must make mistakes. HA HA Epitomy over here!
4. Must learn from others. That is what kept me out of major trouble as a kid (thanks siblings for your hard earned mistakes. haha) and what still keeps me out of some major hard times.
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world. I think I'm just here for entertainment but hey, that works.
6. Must love life. LOVE IT... just don't know if I can fit everything in to it I want to... need about another 100 years!
7. Must love kids. Hmmm waited until last to put this one... is it because you wanted us in a lovey mood or what!? ha ha Who couldn't love them... they are like having every kind of animal in the world rolled into one plus they think on their own which makes them forever wild... and you don't have to have an exotic animal license. Just kidding kiddos... I love you for eternity.

To Pick 5! Hmmmm How in the world do you pick?!
Miss Tisra over at because of her charity, virtue, sweet soft spoken kindness she gives to everyone, her love of the environment, her dedication to her children... she is someone I strive to be like and has given me hope many times whether she's known it or not. You are awe inspiring and such an example to me.

Miss Courtney over at because she makes me laugh harder than most (manna from heaven) and she can post where you can see the eyes of the world through 2 amazing boys and witness a great amount of love just brewing all over the place. Also because she is real! Her boys get dirty, enjoy life, get serious ouchies and she just goes with the flow and is a great "life driver". Kudos to you Miss Zany Thang. You ROCK!

Miss Judy K over at because of her unconditional love and charity towards others. She has always been a great example of how to be just in awe of your children. She is so nuturing and looks hot while she's at it! ;0) She's not afraid to show the "real side" of her children with full on pictures of temper tantrums etc. It makes me laugh and feel normal. ha ha You are so self-less... yes you are and you're going to have to admit it one day! Enjoy the m&m's ;0)

Miss Louanne over at because of her love for nature and her absolutely gorgeous thousand watt smile (not kidding... she beems). She glows of love and loves to take pictures of everything (simple things... everything... my favorite) loves baking and going to the zoo but most importantly loves with all her heart. Her daughter is just radiant and I can see that reflection in her mother's eyes. What a beautiful family and an example to the world you are.

Miss Sarah W over at
because I have never met someone with such a sweet spirit as you. You remind me of a sweet soft angel and I love your laugh. You have this way of shining and I always collect the coolest ideas from you and you never mind sharing. You love with your whole heart and you make the most of every moment. You are one of the most optimistic women I have ever seen. I love how you just remind me of a gentle breeze and dreamer who always seems to keep her head on her shoulders. You remind me of my mama (that is a serious compliment).

Miss Sarah K over at because of her amazing sense of humor (you had my husband laughing so hard because you say hidden funny remarks all the time), her love of life and others and fiery need to defend all that is right! You my friend, have always made it your duty and passion to help other as well as give a "spoon full of sugar with all that medicine". You don't candy-coat but you have always given more than hope... you given joy and blessings to those around you. You never make me feel wierd for talking about the craziest things and I love laughing with ya. You wish the best for your children and put everything you are into the world around you. I love ya sista.

Okay so I picked 6. Urgh, we were supposed to pick only 5? Oops!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun Stuff!

Milana's foster family kindly sent a few bits about Milana and a friend of mine translated it all (SO greatly appreciated my friend). I'm not going to post a picture or everything the book says because some is private, but I can tell you a few things. By the way, this isn't an update so anyone with the same agency, don't feel left out. It came with the half contracts I received earlier. =0)

All About Milana: She "enjoys daily happiness." Happy little optimist! Loves toy telephones (ha ha) and anything that makes noise it seems. She doesn't like to be alone and sleeps with her foster momma. Good-bye crib. She likes crawling and getting into things and doesn't like when you take things out of her mouth.

On the book, on the page about her breakfast, was a tiny piece of rice that I placed tape over (I am determined to keep it forever)... it made it from her foster home to the orphanage, all the way across the ocean, to my American agency and then to me. It is the only piece of tangible item I have from her daily life in Taiwan. My husband laughed at me, but I love the rice. Maybe it fell from Milana's mouth as her foster mother juggled tasks in the morning. Maybe it's just a piece that was on someone's hand as they wrote the book. I don't know but I still love what it symbolizes... Bet you never would imagine what happiness one single grain of rice could bring.

This was so good to hear about Milana! Now we have a little more personality to imagine when looking at her photo. This book is such a blessing and you can just see how much Milana's foster family loves her. She took Milana's hands and pencil-traced them onto the front cover and then traced her hands with red marker. You can see the squiggles where Milana had a bit of trouble keeping perfectly still. I just thought that you'd like to hear about her. Thank you so much to those who helped translate and thank you to her foster family who took the time to write this, knowing how much it means to us and Milana when she gets older. Xie-xie

More Tales From The Wacky Parade
~ On another completely different topic: Hubby came home with a delightful story about the men in white coats. 2 or 3 am at the hotel: While at work, a bellman was called to bring some luggage to a guest and began walking across the lobby. He sees this woman standing in line at the closed night club wondering what she is wearing. It looks a bit rumpled and a very odd shade of white. As he gets closer, he begins to wonder if it is see-through.... closer, he notices the bouncer's face of shock and then realizes the "rumples" are saggy skin! It is a woman, a naked woman, a 90 year old naked woman... oh wait... the woman is not naked... she has beads on!

The bouncer walks over and asks the woman how she is. She says, "I'm great." and is super happy and smily! She has absolutely no clue that she is buck naked. Oh yeah, she isn't naked; she has beads on. Anyways, she had left her clothes at some slot machine. The quite large bouncer takes off his jacket and wraps it around the woman and she lets him as they wait for security. They all stand around and decide not to call 911 and call a mental hospital instead for the very out of it, very naked (not drunk), 90 year young lady. She didn't even care when they had to strap her down to the stretcher (for safety reasons). The boys just kept saying, "Man, why couldn't it have been that woman!" when a young hot girl walked by..... I say, "Beggers can't be choosers." Why did homie think she was wearing a dress?!@ There's camera tapes too. I can't wait until it's my turn. Where will naked 90 year young Sara end up?

~Oh almost forgot! My friend Andrea gave me an AWARD!!! I have to get going now to pick up my daughter from school but I'll explain later! Thank you my darling... I feel so privledged! "Oh the girl mentioned something about a check?!" Grinch =0)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Human Roladex

I was explaining this to my friend once and she said, "Okay, let's just move on because you're freaking me out!" ha ha Previously I posted about being bummed and thought... what cheers me up? I love pictures... so that brought us to koala's. I was then asked where one could hold a koala so I answered that in my blond post. Next... the koala's reminded me of kangaroos and from there we jumped to bats and spiders. Yep.

My husband calls me the human roladex or keeper of all useless facts. My mind is very busy and flips from one thought to the next very quickly. I remember almost every phone number (lucky husband) but short term memory sometimes bogs like people's names and even faces. I remember things very strangely as well... almost like 100 degrees of separation. Everything connects so if I lose you on something, don't worry, it's not just you! I also used to read the encyclopedia for fun (animal encyclopedia's, Britannicas, etc.). We didn't have much money as a child (never cable tv) and I was too restless for tv & movies anyways. I was a nature child... about the only thing that calmed me down.

I can't help but rattle when I'm stressed and typing helps de-stress-ify my being. So sorry but at least I don't hide anything! What you read... is what you get. ha ha

In other news: My agency let me know that the orphanage asked for the contracts to be fedex'd back to them. Hey, that makes me happy... any movement makes me happy. I'll take what I can get! So WOOHOOO! No word on anything else though. No timeline or even if they are re-doing them... but they must have a plan now? Right?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Blond" Moments

I was having a conversation with my daughter about "blond" comments as she is blond. I was going over situations that happen because of stereotypes that are not fair/equal and are often biased. I was explaining how to handle such things. I made the comment that some people will say that beautiful people are not smart. So hubby (he is the biggest at sweet-talking... I can see through it honey... one day I'll catch ya) says, "See, your mom proves that one wrong." Then he says, "Except with Marx." Very funny honey, ha ha! Which leads to this story.

In our church, we call people by Brother or Sister and then their last name. I was walking in the hall and this man that is a friend of my husband's family that I've seen hundreds of times saw me in the hall. I walked up and said, "Hi Groucho." He had this incredulous look on his face so I corrected myself, "Oh I'm sorry, Hi Brother Marx." He still was looking at me crazy so I smiled and walked away thinking... man he must be having a rough day.

I go over to my in-laws for family dinner like I do every Sunday and tell them all the story. Deer in the headlights! They died laughing and asked "Why I had done that?" and "what did he say?" and "Please say you didn't?" I asked "why, what did I do? Isn't that his name?". "NO!!!!!" they all yelled... "We just call him that because of his mustache... we thought you knew who Groucho Marx was!" Well, I did but because no one told me different and I never heard them use his real name, I thought his parents just liked Groucho. I thought he liked is so much that he grew this giant mustache that covered half his face. I have never lived that down in this family and it's haunted me for 10 years now. Hello, My name is Sara and I am a Word Vomit-aholic.

I have lots be continued. My husband told me after we were married that a few of my sisters kept coming up to him and "warning" him about me. They said, "Don't let her fool you. She is brilliant; she just acts ditsy." Thanks, guys! My husband knows I'm not ditsy... just if I blatantly don't understand something or if I'm socially awkward in certain situations... I just look ditsy. Sometimes if I don't understand what people are talking about (like walking into the middle of a conversation) I do the smile and wave thing. He says he married me for entertainment (says he has never once been bored... is that good or bad?). The circus has arrived. Be forewarned! When I get stressed, I relieve stress by saying the first thing that comes to mind... welcome to my world. P.S. Don't make me the V.P.!

Oh and if you want to cuddle a Koala... The only place I know of is the Currumbin Sanctuary in Australia (Brisbane/Gold Coast area). You can also feed kangaroo although those can beat the tar outta you so don't feed the wild ones... you can also find them all over (remember they have guns the size of your head). One jumped into my husband's car while on a back road and threw the car sideways a couple feet.

Here's a small one (I think this one is a baby red).

This is a bat and it's wingspan is HUGE... I believe these are called flying foxes and I remember my husband telling me they can turn their heads all the way around.

And you can't leave out a spider! This is a huntsman. They are not dangerous. There are tons of spiders there. There is this funnel web spider that has fangs that can bite through your shoes! A bird-eating spider (which can get a 10 inch leg-span) dropped down on my husband's head because he walked through it's web. Crazy Creatures there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Words of Wisdom

My Goodness you all have such great words of wisdom. I hear people say all the time, "Nothing I say will make it better."... but it does and it did and I can't thank you all enough for keeping me in your thoughts =0). When I felt really low...I had to get out all the negative energy, so I cried and pouted to all of you. That made a difference but the biggest difference was from you. I didn't expect everyone to send all these sweet wishes. I not only had my feelings of frustration validated but I also received so many different words of comfort, stress-relief techniques, words of encouragement, examples of being "not alone" and it still works out and mostly examples of adoption is ordained by God. Every child everywhere is so deserving of a home; not one more than the other... ALL! Ours will come home. When I was so very low and lost my way, you found me. Love you guys. These words are words that helped me and I'd like to share because I feel others are in need as well. (p.s. if I accidentally left yours out... I still loved them and it's just cause my dog is eating my toes and jadyn is now clicking around)

"I know that horrible ache- the feeling that says "things will never move along". But that is a LIE. Don't believe it."

"This process is NOT for the weak-hearted and that is why God chose us to be where we are hon. HE must believe that you and I are very capable of this weight."

"I know your pain!" "We're thinking of you" "Hugs to you" "I hope you get the fast judge and from now on everything is quick and smooth!"

"Take heart that cases in the Tainan courts seem to have picked up speed."

"The wait makes room in your heart for the overwhelming love that swells in it the second you get to see her and touch her in real life. Your sweet little baby girl's heart is being prepared for you to be her forever family "

"I'm sorry this wait has been so tough and so LONG. You just let it all out!!"

"I can only offer you my thoughts, prayers and hopes that things will come together soon."

"Don't ask God to move your Mountain..... Just ask him to help you climb it.

I love you, sister girl.
Your babies are out there.
God has chosen you to parent a child that you did not give birth to.
It is an honor.
Remember that and be patient.
God will send your child."

Hope no one minds me posting their words... I just love them and feel very loved like a little kid wrapped in a blanket hot outta the dryer.

See... everything you say can make it better, even just saying "I'm listening". No, the papers are not here but I feel better because you cared. I have to thank everyone and especially a few people who privately told me that I HAVE to make it through this and to basically "suck it up". I LOVE it!! It made me laugh and smile. God has a purpose that I don't understand and while I can kick and scream... it's only going to make things worse. I have to relinquish control and listen to His will and not my own. Maybe that's why He had me lose my voice earlier.... that's the epiphany I received in church Sunday, my voice is gone because I need to learn to listen. So even if I go mute, I'm going to be thankful for everything else I have... thankful for every moment and every learning experience no matter how tough or heartbreaking. So I am writing this especially for you as a thank you and for anyone else who is sitting there needing upliftment (ha ha I have to leave this now but my friend says it's not a word... I also make up words just by adding -age... wordage, foodage ha ha). YOU CAN DO THIS! Now take a deep breath and smile.

Okay... if you are not smiling yet... Hubby cuddling with a koala.... actually burnt hubby cuddlin a koala... Australia sun can be brutal.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still waiting for Contracts

Yep... I've been bawling. I felt if I didn't post... it wouldn't be true and it would all go away. There is a typo on my contracts that needs fixing. At first, I was told an answer would be given of what will happen on last Monday... now we have no idea when they'll get fixed or how long it'll take. I was waiting to update so I could tell about how our contract running adventures, but instead I know I have to eventually fess up and realize just how long this is going to take. I couldn't admit it to myself but I finally am... after receiving the referral on June 6, waiting a month for medical info, accepting on July 3, waiting 8 weeks for approval, and now we are waiting for half the contracts (the agency contracts already came but that's just a quick notarization needed type deal).... WE HAVE NO CHOICE... but to wait more to even get into courts... right now... nothing is happening except knowing Milana is growing everyday and we're missing it. ~Tear~ Oh and no update pictures yet either. =0(

First day of school

In other news: Nika went back to school and Kole has a few hours 4 times a week in preschool (about 2 weeks ago they started)... Jadyn is having the hardest time having them gone. Donnie switched to day shift so the kids and I get him home AT NIGHT! WOOHOO...that's one good thing. It has been such a blessing having him home each night (waking at 5:30 am... he's still feeling nothing but exhausted). I've noticed a huge difference in the children. Having him at home each night has made the late-night-get-the-kids-in-bed tango much smoother. Thank you Love for doing that for us!

Wrapping Milana's care package

This Hug Is Scrumptious!

For those of you who know, Tiff met her baby girl in Taiwan and Jackie and Tami are on their way. I hope that I didn't forget anyone. I've been having a little pity party and trying to keep a happy face for the children as well as no more nights to type and check on things. I now try to do it early before the children wake up. Sometimes works... sometimes doesn't. I wouldn't trade it though. Something about an adoption makes you slow everything in your life down which has been bliss with watching the children grow. The last 2 years has been so slow with the adoption, but so memorable with the kids. I've definitely LOVED that after effect.

Okay, I'm basically just numb right now... that things will never get rolling although that can't really be true (can it?). I'm just sad, frustrated, feeling helpless, and needing a big hug from those who understand how it hurts. I'm no picnic today... I'm sorry.