Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jadyn & Donnie’s Birthdays

Donnie and Jadyn’s birthdays! Yippee!!!  Jadyn is such a silly joyous animal.  I mean it… she loves animals.  Not so much touching them and loving on them; she loves their animal magnetism to the point of mimicking them daily.  Tonight she told me she wasn’t Jadyn… she is “Beast Boy.”  The other day while picking up Kole, Donnie said she was hanging out the window yelling “squirrel!” at passer-by’s.  If you haven’t watched Phineas and Ferb or the movie “Up” you wouldn’t get it.  Just type in “Squirrels in my pants” in google. Oh she is a hoot and so intelligent.  Ok, so Kole had his testing and I saved Jadyn’s report for her b-day.  She also tested in the highly gifted range… like 6 to 7 year old range of 98.6%.  See… I’m outnumbered!  She is reading overnight.  Literally.  She was trying to read a cereal box a few months ago and Kole told her that she couldn’t read.  Well, that slightly ticked her off, it seems, as she kicked it into high gear and is flying through books.  I also thought I’d do some math with her and she finished the entire Hooked on Math set in 25 minutes… the games, books and DVD rom.  I am at a loss!  I have no idea where to start because I get some curriculum, settle down to teach it and they say done.  I don’t even know where to start anymore.  How am I going to keep up with them?
We are so thankful this year as we just found out Jadyn’s heart murmur is one of those innocent functional ones. whew.  I was concerned and lost sleep over that one.  I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to worry anyone; I also didn’t want to think about it until I knew for sure.
Back to birthdays!  Jadyn had a Ironman cake… yes, she is Ironman as well.  She really loved her presents and time with family and we love every minute with you my sweet multi-animal darling.  You guys will get a tiny glimpse of our comedian in the pictures hopefully. 
Donnie… that man is my hero.  He seriously is a tank, indestructible or something.  Happy Birthday Love.
Squirrel. This present was given because 26 animals will be enjoyed by Miss Squirrel.
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Nika’s crazy horns on her Avril Lavigne jacket.
And finally, I’m going to post a youtube video of our CNY fun.  Turn the speakers on if you want to listen. =)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hApPy bIrThDaY kOlE!

It’s such a great day!  6 years ago this week, my little man came into our lives and blessed us with so much and soooo many laughs.  Our little handsome man is a pretty awesome little dude.  This last week he graduated/exited from his developmental delay program (speech, fine, gross motor skills, social skills) and when they tested his IQ, Surprise!  He scored in the upper extreme range, with a score of 144 out of 145.  He has brains 99.8% higher than kids his age.  Hello!  Not sure where that came from and now having trouble figuring out exactly where to start to challenge him, but so happy for him.  The principal sat there with her mouth open in awe and the other group of teachers and I couldn’t help but giggle as he read us a chapter book that he had started and finished during our meeting.  It’s one of those odd, awe-inspiring, shocking things to see a kindergarten child not stumble over words like lieutenant and counterfeiting.   Normally they don’t even test kids for gifted capabilities until they are in second grade.  Since he qualifies and they haven’t even had one in this school yet, they have to make him a program and tweak it for a kindergartener.  Whew…  Still shocked here.  Very excited to see what he does.

Today we spent two hours setting up the “Tower of Doom” (actual name) for our little man and the kids had a blast playing with it.  Have to get to bed, but couldn’t sleep without wishing my Kole-o-ly-oxen-free a Happy Birthday.  I love you. =)



010 He is such a goofball!

Earthquake in Kaohsiung =(