Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gasteroenteritis Sucks

Milana Loving All Over Daddy's Famous Sugar Cookies!
Only the Cookie Monster recipe from 1970's will do.

Stomach flu, gastero whatever... it all sucks. Kole was basically annihilated for over a week (poor thing)... then no one got it for a week. I thought, what an awesome house keeper I am... then Milana (barely... she must have one tough immune system), then Nika (she got it bad), then Jadyn barely and now me... I've been barely dragging myself around the house the last couple days. Stomach Bug GO AAAAAAWWAAAAYYYYY! hmmmph.

We've still been having fun though... can't stop that in my house. I'll post pics later when I'm not so sick. {grumble grumble grumble}

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Channeling Famke

Absolutely by accident, my hair is purple. ha ha I decided to dye my own hair, which I've done many times before but not in the last 7 or 8 years. I know how to mix dye, do foils and highlights etc. so I though no big... I'll go down to the same supply store I've gone to for years and buy some dye. I picked "Truffle"... it's supposed to be a brown (the bottle says "Mega Browns!") with some red hues. hee hee... Hubby helped dye it Purple!

It's not bad and I kinda like it.... unexpected as it was... but not bad. I feel like Famke...Phoenix/Jean from X-men. I think I may just like to say Famke's name... everytime I say it, Donnie goes "Who?!" The pictures don't show the true nature of the purple, even though I tried taking a couple. The younger children didn't even notice but Nika was shocked walking out of her school when she saw mom.

Here's something funny. I have a big red purse from Brighton (if you know Brighton... you know that the collection is sometimes, well, bright). Milana has a book from Taiwan with Teletubbies... Milana calls the purple one with the red purse, "Mama." ha ha Never imagined aspiring to be a Teletubbie.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time for a quick video

See what happens when you try to take pictures with these kids. Great job Nika... you fit all the squirrels in!

Scream along with us! it's fun!

Okay! Seriously, who doesn't melt at this pj sisterly love pic?

Nika's Mad Fashion Skill: Who said polka dots, stripes, stars and hearts never match?
First Day of School.

Quickly wanted to show some of the sillyness we love!