Saturday, October 25, 2008


Later gators.... oh man...rhyme crimes all over the place. ;0) Can't help it when I live in Dr. Seuss' home. Thanks for all the encouragement everybody. Now everybody... I'm expecting some seriously good news from a lot of you when I check all your blogs again shortly! You have something to live up to here! Roll out some excitement and fun!


Mommy's poor attempt at writing Milana's name

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Restriction

Okay... mama and baby restriction. Yesterday, Jadyn gave me a wake-up slap so soon after, she was put "on restriction". Sounds odd but it can be done. She no longer has free range if she is down; she has to hold my hand (oh the tears of her hand being stuck are lovely but necessary) or she has to go in mama's arms. Second, we spent a half hour playing a game called, "Tell mama where you are going." I'd say, "Jade, are you going somewhere? To the bathroom? To your room?" She'd reply yes and we'd clap. This morning when we dropped off my son at his preschool, she asked to go play but I said no because she had run off and didn't tell mom. She was sad but didn't fuss too much because I've been telling her since yesterday that she couldn't go out.

I'm simply pleased to announce a breakthrough today! Much sooner than I expected. She was at the bank with me and tried to wander so I quickly called out "I am lost" and she came running back. Next she tapped me on the leg and said, "Mama? May I peas go sit on couch right there... just right there?" Hooray!!! Of course she'll have set-backs but this is exciting and I haven't even read the children's books yet about strangers etc. Whew... keep plunking away at it right?! She's a strong-willed one but Mama doesn't play games with this subject. Wish us luck!

Sweet story: At the bank today, I was getting a cashier's check for the final payment to my agency and when I handed over who to make the check out too, the cashier asked if I was adopting. When I replied yes, she said softly, "I was adopted when I was 18 months" and smiled at me, which I replied that our daughter is 18 months. I teared up and then it was her turn so here we are in the middle of the bank smiling and crying at each other. She is such a lovely girl and we choked back tears long enough to get a conversation out about why adoption, etc. We even messed up the check and had to re-do it because we were more interested in each other than the check. It's special to meet people who have been touched by adoption; can't explain it. Just sometimes an instant understanding forms.

There is this housekeeper at my husband's work who is from Thailand (sweet elderly lady) who one day stopped my husband because she hadn't seen him for a while and wanted to see how he was. He proceeded to show her the photo of Milana and she asked why, etc. She was so thrilled not only because we were adopting but because she understands both sides of it. She once made the choice for a child she had born in Thailand many years earlier (unwed & she said that if the birthfather didn't want to support them, the girls basically didn't have many options but to make a choice for adoption). She has since moved to America, married and had two sons, but she always thinks of her little one. She said that seeing our family adopting this little girl gives her hope & comfort for the child she couldn't keep. Of course, I cried when my husband told me this bittersweet story as well. I tear up a lot.

I know that adoption has a very complicated weaving and it can be excruciatingly painful; no matter what, I always feel for the birth-giver and could never imagine the feelings that one must go through when they find themselves making this choice. I feel for the child and what they have lost and then gained almost against their will. But I know that adoption is a higher purpose because when a child cannot stay in their first arrangement given at birth, then all children are more than deserving of a loving home. My family has the least to lose in all this. We receive such an amazing person to grace our lives and give us everything she is and more. We receive joy beyond measure, love, trials, and sacrifice & the greatest ultimate gift of being a forever family with all our children and extended family & friends. We can only hope to give back not only love but everything Milana needs and all our children need to grow, flourish, love and be loved, find forgiveness, and ultimate joy through charity, good works, divine nature, and the Lord. I can only hope I will be what God sees in me and be a intune mother and guide them the way He has shown.

Oh how hard on ourselves are we at times. I posted the post about Jadyn escaping waiting for posters to berate me because of my oops, but instead no one did. I figured no matter what was said, no one could be harder on me than myself so I actually wished to be punished. Strange huh? I guess I have to learn the same thing of forgiving myself of my imperfections when I've done something wrong... I'm sure others can relate.

Okay I am now just using you all who read as my journal... hope you don't mind! ;0)

Make it a great one!!! I try not to say "Have a great day." because only you can make it that way even when it's deplorable. Okay, does anyone else hear the Monty Python's "Holy Grail" Always Look On the Bright Side of Life? Whistle with me. he he

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My-nah-nah Back

Jadyn went down for a nap today which is hit or miss depending on if she needs one. She was up a bit last night (which left me missing 3 hours of sleep... yup a little loopey today and falling over but surviving) and Kole got up because he had to use our restroom... poor kid was too tired & sat down afterward, put his head on the seat & fell asleep on it... luckily I stumbled out of my half-sleep & went looking for him... took me a while but I knew he didn't leave the house because we have a very loud alarm.

Anyways, Jadyn was crying so hard begging for "My-nah-nah" which is Milana. She wanted her to come home & had to go sleep in Milana's bed with M's pillow too. It was sad and yet incredibly sweet to know she is getting mentally ready for her. She will tell you that Momma and Dada are going on a plane to get her from Taiwan and bring her home to "me." She calls her, Nika's nah-nah? Kole's Nah-nah? My-nah nah?" It's so cute... they'll be 13 months apart so there will be some adjustment of course but with having 6 sisters, I think I can get all the sisters to bond. That'll be an adventure! Kole on the other hand is having a slight "I'm the only boy." sadness... we're working on helping him see a brighter side to that. He's actually not upset other than he has to sleep in a room diferent than the girls... which I've just been spending a little extra time at night cuddling with him until he's feeling completely not alone. My mom calls it Musical Beds (but your bed usually isn't included). ha ha

She also took off today at Kole's preschool... she has been telling me for a while that she wants a teacher. Well today when I was helping Kole line up for his class... she ducked into a teacher's class when the teacher wasn't looking & my back was turned. I turn around & no Jadyn who was just on this slide. Slight panic at this point... all the gates are locked & kids can't get out. I ask the teacher that opened the gate if she saw her. Nope. Then I'm running for the front office, imagining her escaping out to the car looking for me (between someone's legs or something). Nope. Office calls over the intercom, "We have a lost little brown haired girl in the building!" Now I'm panicking... running from room to room, imagining her scared or trying to potty alone somewhere. She's scared of strangers & hates being without me so I'm just like, I have to find her! I know she didn't leave the building with anyone because of the way this place is set up (fort knox). So finally, here she comes, with Kole's teacher who had been searching diligently also & here Jadyn is completely unphased & thrilled that "I have a teacher Mama!" She said the teacher I had asked, did have her and that she somehow stealthly snuck inside and sat down with the group! I still can't figure out how the teacher who knows Jadyn well, did not notice her slide past this very tiny gate that she was guarding especially when she "counts" every kid! Maybe she wasn't good in math? I sadly let my guard down because of the gate that I "knew" was locked. I never imagined a teacher letting her get through though. My fault... even though they are quick... I should have never allowed myself to trust someone else when they open a gate with a two-year old around.

Yikes! If your kid says they are going to "find a teacher", they will. Wow... now when we go to school... I'm guarding the gate!!! And maybe I'll attach a GPS system on the little escapee! Jadyn used to be stuck to my side... she now just graduated into another development department of mine. Kole is just getting out of this phase & learning the importance of telling mom exactly where he is every moment.

I'm so particular about knowing where my kids are that when we go to amusement parks & crowded events, I photograph my children that day and everyday there so I have an exact picture of what they looked like that moment. I write their phone number on their body (which I just found some cool temporary tattoos that list, "if lost, please call..." Then a little bombardment of children books dealing with being lost, treasured toys being taken if they wander, and a little bit of fear of the strangers that are unknown of being kind or not. I teach them to go to a mother with children (more than one) if lost and say they are lost (all uniforms look different & strangely similar to children so telling them to look for a uniform is not always good). Most moms with kids understand (hopefully) and I don't really want my children helplessly going to a lone man and asking for help (not my idea of safe... sorry men). She has no idea what's coming... I don't fool around with this & I let my guard down... shame on me. Even though I only had 4 hours sleep... no excuse. Man, they sure are slippery little ones!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Time to Halloween Party Disney Style! We'll be heading out west for some good old Disney fun with my husband's family (& of course the kiddos). Last year, my camera decided to only take about 4 pictures (& not very good ones at that) & quite working (but strangely just for the trip). Don't be fooled by the camera date either... that was on the frits too (it looks like we were there for a month ha ha). It started working fine back home... some kind of crazy Halloween prank or humidity thang... who-knows. This year, I'm taking a back up. We used to just go on family vacations and always forget the camera, but now I'm always trying to make up for lost time. Any photo requests!? he he

This week my agency got the TECO paperwork back and so off to court we "hopefully" go. Never count your chickens. We are getting pretty excited about Little Miss Milana coming home and I go from being extremely excited to kinda nervous. I was nervous before all the children came... I feel like I am just never prepared enough. It's like, "What, wait, they're coming... oh?!" Of course I adore having them here & have so much fun... it's just so many changes & unknowns & brilliant fun of course! I feel like I'm having our first all over again. Fumbling all over myself.

Today, I bought a beautiful scrapbook... my first. I did get a kit because I am a total novice at being scrappy. I'm hoping it'll work for Milana's lifebook. I do know though... plans with children must always be fluid so nothing is ever set in stone & this book has a lot to live up to! I am probably going to be scared to begin... it's a "wow" kind of under-taking. Cross your fingers! I also have to a separate memory book for Milana since all our children have one & I'm one those moms who tries to make things fair where I can (Since life is not fair... never has been, never will be). Next, I have to re-do the children's books and make scrappys for them... Sara's getting crafty! Actually I'm goofy... crafty is actually my husband! SHHhhhh. Who thinks I can convince him to help with the lifebook? He's just naturally talented at it (I'm probably not giving myself enough credit but really I think I'm spot on)!

Yesterday, we went to a Fall Health Festival at a hospital (normally I'm a major germ-a-phobe w/ hospitals but they have 2 entrances and closed this one down just for the fair). I was just going to check it out but the kids had a blast! They stayed for an hour and a half, trick-or-treating, snacking on ice cream cakes, balloons (we never found the face painting) and even got to do a tour through the O.R. This was Honey's hospital so I got all teary when I was in the O.R. knowing this is where she was a few short months ago (Honey, our cousin, passed away in a car accident in January). Can you imagine what those poor doctors were thinking... I'm choking back tears on a tour!?

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Have a great one since I don't know when I'll post next. My husband asked me to marry him on Halloween ten years ago... but that's another story. =0)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

21 Oddities

Triple-Tagged... that's Me! 21 Facts about me to peruse:

Taggers: Cindy Sarah Tiff

Yes... I still can't figure out how to put a name in for the links!

1. My sister & I once dug a hole in the backyard that was as tall as myself and made steps going down into it. We created a Native American Mud home complete with shelves & artifacts (and covered it with a sheet of ply-wood... not so authentic).

2. I used to read National Geographic & animal encyclopedias for fun (gotta love those people with bones through their noses).

3. I used to have my tongue pierced... why? Because when I was 15 I went cliff-jumping & bit a hole through my tongue. It was huge & I stuck a straw through it; I became even more intrigued by this hole that didn't really hurt when someone said you could pierce them! So when I was 16, I took my "June Cleaver" mama (Love ya mama) into a tattoo shop & she signed for my tongue piercing. Poor mom... I told her that if she didn't sign, I would do it myself & that it would be unsanitary! Bless her heart! (I don't have it anymore... I threw it over the Golden Gate Bridge when it became popular for people to get... and worse because some of them did it for sexual reasons).

4. I was voted most changed in high school. I didn't really change... I just realized how I didn't have to hide my wacky-self.

5. I have a Darth Tater on my pot-shelves next to my antique pottery.

6. I once sewed a design on the bottom of my foot through the calloused part of my big toe with my sisters! It didn't cut us... we just though it was funny. It also didn't last because walking tore the tiny piece of skin layer we sewed through.

7. I am grossed out completely by boogers! They give me the heebie-jeebies. I can get them out of my kids noses but then I have to run and wash them off quickly! Don't even think about mentioning them while I eat! Vomit or poo... no big... just boogies.

8. I'll never get a tattoo... why, too permanent. I'd rather put the design on a shirt because I change my mind too much & I am a perfectionist sometimes. Okay maybe when I'm 90 & I'll die before it fades. ha ha

9. I once knocked my tooth in while leaning backwards on a chair the wrong way. The chair tipped over & I cracked my head between the chair & a table. I was knocked out for a few seconds & crawling across the floor with blood gushing from my face. My sister was screaming to my parents that "Sara broke her neck and she's dying!" I grabbed the tooth and shoved it back into place. Luckily, I didn't break any major roots & it is only slightly gray.

10. I have no piercings now... none! Neither do my children... they can poke holes in their own body, but I'm not going to do it for them.

11. I am fascinated with body shapes, styles, inherited facial features, people's walks. I love when people have differences that add character to their face or body. I love trying to find the differences in identical twins.

12. Love nature... could sit all day listening to it or playing in the mud. I'm like a dog sunning itself.

13. And that brings us to animals... love animals, know all kinds of crazy facts about them, my dogs sometimes drive me crazy because I've spent so much time around animals that I know what my dogs are thinking... p.s. I love neutered dogs. ha ha

14. I kinda have an obsession with heights. I love them. I had a nickname as a child of "billy goat". I stand on foot stools, toilets & sit on all counters. I used to climb mountains as a child as fast as some grown men (maybe faster because the invincibility, no fear of danger factor exists more in adolescence).

15. Brings us to 15. I once climbed a small mountain in the middle of the night without a flash-light (just the full moon). I was 20 feet from the top when I slipped and started falling down the mountain. The only thing that stopped me from eating it, grabbing about 5 cactus plants to stop my descent. Yeah! Ouch!

16. I love proofreading... this blog is breaking me of that habit, because my busy day with my monkeys prevents that luxury.

17. I had cops come to my 16th birthday party because of a cake fight that looked too real for the neighbors. Luckily, my dad knew the cops when they arrived and offered them cake!

18. I once fell asleep in the bathtub. I used to love some diving movie called The Big Blue 1988, where this man would compete with another to be the champion in world free diving. They would slow down their heart rate so they could hold their breathe longer. I used to do this by meditating and concentrating while in the tub... then one day I fell asleep under the water & when I woke up, I was still under the water. I have no idea how long I was asleep.

19. I love singing, making sound effects and copying movie lines... like the Princess Bride, "anybody want a peanut?" ROUS's? I can bark like quite a number of breeds of dogs.

20. If you jump out at me and scare me... be prepared to most likely get punched. I've had to really control this when I had kids... although my husband accidentally got a kidney karate chop the other day. It's from living in a neighborhood that had a lot of crime so you become jumpy & on your guard...what's funny is the insane scream that accompanies the wild punching.

21. I have to pick a job when the kids go to school (can't sit home all day by myself) & although I'll likely go into sonography... I'd love to just do charity work & travel to other countries helping others. Although they would probably tire that I get misty eyed over everything.

So, there you have it! Enough Sara-isms for a life-time! Hello? Is there anyone still reading? Oh well. ha ha

For who I pick... not 21 people. Instead one, Christine! You don't have to pick 21 people or even 7... whatever you wish. =0) So Tag! Have fun. =0)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Pics But Can't Post 'Em

I just got new pictures today!!! First time since our referral picture! My agency is now requesting that people with their agency no longer post pics (for the time being)... but I can tell you about them (as long as it's not too identifying).

She is alive and well and HAPPY! She can climb out of her play-pen with ease (she's 18 months this month) and has this hook-like little feet that can grab the sides! She makes this lovely straining face while she's pulling herself over. In another photo (we received 4!!! total), she has a cute little hat on her head & in another she has hair that sticks up (what little bit she has) and is super fuzzy. She also enjoys looking at books; there is a picture of her flipping through a book about stars/space (encyclopedia type book). She is walking & seems very happy, attentive & enjoying herself. Maybe I can post a pic of her mesquito bites (she has two on her right arm... she seems to be a magnet for those suckers).

We're on our way Milana... and we don't really have any mesquitos here! Momma is so glad to see you and so is Daddy, Nika, & Kole. Jadyn was thrilled to see you but wanted you to be wearing PINK! She was very concerned that you were not wearing pink in this picture. She says she likes your hat. I am very excited to walk a step or two and maybe climb up a few hills. ;0) I imagine kissing your little mesquito bites & smelling your sweet fuzzy hair. Your busy little hand that gets to see only in photos for now, I will gladly keep busy & be so thankful that you are home, getting into everytyhing and making mommy lovely messes that become art with all the other messes your siblings make. Until then, I send you love, hugs, squishes, & "bonks". With Love for eternity, Momma

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fortuitous Blessing etc.

We did send our papers off to TECO (Taiwan Embassy in a way in San Fransisco). Turns out, I was accidentally sent an old instruction form & I sent the wrong amount of funds. My husband called me at 5 on Wed. (I was riding horses with the kids at a friend's house), said TECO called & we need to send $15 ASAP. TECO closes at 4:30 and they don't take credit cards.

I basically have to admit to myself that I have to overnight $15 for $30 shipping which wouldn't go out until Thursday night because I didn't think I could make the deadline for overnight shipping being this late. Also Friday is National Day (basically the day Taiwan was born in 1911 when there was the Wuchang Uprising & the Qing Dynasty collapsed) & on Jan. 1 1912, Taiwan was established. Since this is a major day, no one is there at TECO.

Fortune & blessings: My sister calls, who is in San Fran for work. I vent out the story & that I wish I could be at 555 Montgomery Street to give them $15 and she screams... "That's Half A Block Away From My Hotel!!!" It's 5:45... we have a problem... she has no cash & only a credit card but doesn't know her PIN! I quickly look up her bank online... THERE HAPPENS TO BE A MAIN BRANCH A QUARTER BLOCK AWAY AS WELL! It closes at 6 which is a neverland occurrence! I quickly google maps & try to navigate her like some SPY. She gets to the bank...4 minutes to closing! She then is navigated by me (by the way, she doesn't know which way points North & I have no idea which way she is facing).

Somehow... I get her pointed in the right direction & not only does she make it to 555 Montgomery... there is a doorman who knows our contact person!!! So she leaves the envelope & I can't stop laughing at this amazing event! How in this world did all of this fall into place?! Between half, tears & excitement & laughing... I thank my sister profusely and she goes on her way to her dinner appt (late mind you... for me).

When she arrives walking into the lobby of her hotel, her co-workers are confused as to why she didn't come down the elevator and was off wandering San Fran. "Oh I had to go to the Taiwan Embassy," she says coolly. They all scream, "Did you have to pickup the baby!?" Her answer, "Do you think I'd be here with you if I had?! Sorry, but I'd be on a plane home with my niece!" Ha ha You go Sister!!!!

So Rakel! You are so amazing and so my hero! God definitely put you in the right place at the exact moment that I needed you & then had you call me just in the nick of time! Thank you Heavenly Father! Whew! RUN RAKEL RUN!

Yes, our contact not only received the papers but called me ecstatic & amazed about how quickly the money came! Straight Miracle. Of all the places my sister could be for work training and it was indeed PERFECT timing!

p.s. I'll get to my triple tagging in my next post (that means 21 crazy facts about ME)... lucky you.. ha ha

Here's the Nika art I promised! The first was when she was 5 years old. She LOVES to paint on canvas...I think she paints MARVELOUS!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Day & Fun Stuff

(Edit): Future note for all who follow. Do not post a picture of their Fed-ex package BEFORE they have blurred out the return address & phone number! EEK! Yes... it's all good now!

Oh Happy, Happy Day! Contracts are on their way! Off to TECO they go, to bring me joy unknown! Okay I'll stop rhyming. =0) Fun stuff today; we received the papers from SOS & Fed-ex guy was paranoided of pictures & begged instead to take a picture of me in front of his van... ha ha. He seemed like a 6 year old scared of cameras... poor tramatized Fed-ex guy. He took quite some time to get the picture just right & line everything up (check my head with the van). Thanks Fed-ex guy! We spent an hour and a half copying, stapling and scanning (all that collating stuff) and double triple checking everything. Seat-belted papers into front seat and then off to overnight those bad-daddies!

Fun Stories:
My post last week was going to be titled:.... Never mind, it'll ruin the surprise! Kole and Jadyn went with me to the school to pick up Nika and it was way too hot to sit in the car. We chilled in the front office in some very comfy over-sized leather couches (hello splurge for the school) and I slightly dozed off as Jadyn and Kole sat on my lap. In my half-sleep state, I hear this little song, "Nipples ha ha, nipples ha ha, nippples, nipples... love my nipples!" I open my eyes to see Kole with his shirt up to his chin, grabbing/squeezing his nipples and pulling on them, laughing and singing. Then I notice about 8 cheerleaders from the local high school in the office (here for a cheer camp). They are all in their outfits looking all prim and proper with face-paint and super shocked expressions... all staring at my obliviously happy son singing his Nipple Song. Worst part is... when I asked him to stop beneath my snickering... he realized that it was bothersome so of course has to step it up a notch.

Now we have Kole bouncing around the lobby with his nipple song at full volume... at that point... you just grab your kids and run! To clarify: we accidentally found out wihle tickling him that he is extremely ticklish when you grab his chest... now he's run with it and likes to squish them. It's completely innocent & we are explaining what privacy is... but he's four!

Oh... I'm Batmom... Jadyn says so! She was running around calling herself Batman... so I said what about Batgirl? Nope, Batman and Kole is Robin... Nika is Batgirl or Black cat & Daddy has always been Rhino & I am now Batmom! She also thinks she is Ironman and was jumping off of everything yesterday for 5 hours. No we didn't take her to see Ironman (terrorists don't make good bedtime stories).

Nika spent a day decorating a Barbie... she's fantastic at art... I'll show you next post.

EATING BARBIE (How barbaric)!

AND I've been tagged... dublex!! I have two taggings! WOOHOO... can I keep up, we'll see!? That's on the next post as well.

And FINALLY: UNDERWEAR FUN! J & Kole attacking Nika

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Contracts, Carrier, Blog-Up-Do!

Quick Post... excited! Contracts came yesterday.. I heard that they were in the U.S. wednesday night and didn't want to post until they were in my hands. My carrier came yesterday too! Sarah K has worked all night on my blog over... Isn't it delightful?! So my style girl!

Back to contracts. finding time to post since the race began has been a chore. Little Mr. & Misses have been making sure it was difficult to even read the contracts. Finally sorted, and when hubby was home... off to notary that has taken a month to find (one that will notarize Chinese documents is a diamond in the rough...plan ahead of time for all future parents). Thank you Denise (friend from church who so kindly notarized for us)!

After notarized & copied and then some... hand to mother-in-law to give to UPS... since she has an account at her work. Sadly, boat deliveries came (the boats were actually getting shipped to Denmark... who buys a boat in NV and then ships it to Denmark???) and UPS came to work & escaped without the contracts. Okay... round up children, high-tail it to grandma's work then off to find the main Fed-ex shop... no messing around here. Capuchin monkeys getting so restless. Whew!

It's been a whirlwind of excitement & I think I'm pausing to take a breath. We paid overnight shipping and our docs are $20 a piece (9 docs) for secretary of state plus (2) $75 expedited fees... pretty chunk of change going to pay for this bailout. ha ha Next is TECO when they get back... our TECO is in San Fran so we can't drive there either... Sec. of State is in Carson City about 8 hours away.

Sarah K surprised me this morning during all my run around with this fun blog up-do that just oozes "Sofa-style" (me). I love the colors and the flowers... did you notice the flower that has Milana and has the cute flowers instead of a dream bubble? huh? huh? I have no idea how she did this but I LOVE IT! Thank you child... and bless you Miss Busy Bee. I have no idea how you find the time. This was a most thoughtful gift! ~Squishy Hug Chica!~

Sarah K will also do a blog-up-do for you!! Check Out

I ordered a carrier from Two Hearts Carriers! LOVE IT! The only children who haven't been in it yet are Milana and Nika. My niece wore Jadyn and Nika wore Kole! haha Two Hearts did a fabulous, high quality job at half the cost of other Mei-Tai carriers. Are you tempted? ;0)

Uh? Did I say this was a quick post?!