Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sneak In One More

Just one more post before the Christmas post... did I make it? Belated post of doom headed your way. Since Thanksgiving, we've had a very busy house... more than normal, if you can imagine that! Nika had her Honor Choir Concert and was also chosen to sing at a regional meeting with about 150 principals. Whew... that would've made me nervous, but you wouldn't believe how awesome the children sang. Kole had his Holiday concert and the teacher surprised me by having him read The Grinch! I was shocked... he never told me and probably wouldn't have had I not been there... that little rascal...he did awesome.

We had Star Wars Fests with my sister and her hubby bringing presents of Jumbo over Thanksgiving, and also throw in some 4 projects for school including the water cycle, scare crow, Thanksgiving Turkey, and a Christmas Tree. Milana had doc appts. and our 6 month post placement. Milana is making huge strides with language and understanding discipline. Jadyn had her speech exam etc. (she qualifies for speech therapy; her cognitive language and psych eval set her at 6 yr and up... so we go with speech). The therapist said he'd never had a child test as high as her for her age group... I couldn't help but giggle through the evaluation because she was even surprising me.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots like Milana seeing Santa for the first time and of course the first thing I hear is, "Mama, up PLEASE." Oh and the giant ear wax that came out of Milana's ear when her equilibrium straightened from her eye surgery... I saw this little piece I could reach and when I swiped it out... I started to scream because I'd never seen something so huge come out of a child's ear! She was very happy to have it out.

Included in the photos are Nika's water project, Santa pic, Milana's art... which I think there is a Chinese symbol in there somewhere, Our fakey camp out in a tent up in the loft, GIGANTIC EAR WAX O DOOM and more.
Nika wrapped herself up for Christmas!
Taking her painting very seriously. Actually she is concentrating on holding still for the picture and then immediately jumps up and down saying, "I see? Me see? ME ME!"

Someone want to translate? I think she has awesome brush strokes. Since when do two year old's have brush strokes?!
Hello ear wax! Hello broken finger! That sucker has always looked broken.

Kole had to make sure all 5 Luke's fit.
Nika married Luke off to Barbie... Kole wasn't too sure of that one!

Don't you wish you fit in a car seat still?