Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Colorology

My family colors that I love and bring me harmony:

Crazy Hair Day at School
Dislike of Hairspray!
Nika's New Year Lantern (I don't have a picture of her Dragon yet).
"Jadyn? Is this Chocolate Milk?"

"No Jadyn. It's not funny." I'm trying not to laugh.
Here she is waiting to see if I'll start laughing. She actually tried to clean it up herself.
Kole's flying feet & fists of tantrum fury!
Tisra; This is the color fun you heard on the phone! PJ color party at the sink! Food coloring and buckets and dish soap = an hour of fun.

The Hatred of Ponytails!!

If you look closely I'm laughing at her misery... she sat in these ponytails for the pictures only.

A week in pictures, getting messy with life and loving it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Indian Angel

Tisra and her family have found their daughter and this little ray of sunshine has found her family. What a glorious day when families come together. Tisra, I am so overjoyed that you have finally found who you have waited so long for. I wish you every bit of happiness and a very fast road to Your first Family Adoption Day. Hallelujah Chorus!!

Now what has Sara been up to: Friday last week I had a melt-down of crying... I knew that was the last day we could receive word about our final before Chinese New Year and everything closes down for a while. One wonderful thing about that day... I found out Tisra had found who her family has waited so long for. We started this journey almost at the same time 3 years ago... it took us many places (over and through the woods) and now it is finally starting to come full circle... right at the time we will both be 30! We were waiting to age to 30 so we could go to China when we first started... now Taiwan and India later... we're turning 30. he he

After a good cry... I channelled my energy into something productive. Searching down my lineage... well technically, my husband's mother's side of the family. I love genealogy. Finding ancestors means a lot to me... I never want my children to not know what their ancestors struggled for to get their grandbabies to where they are today. I want them to understand that most of the people who immigrated to America came here to find "freedom" of some kind. Whether religious persecution, pogroms, famine, to find land, etc. were their reasons , they came here through great perseverance and struggles. The ones who didn't come here of their free-will found it through their children when the African American slaves were freed and later unsegregated, when those people who were banished here as punishment for crimes in other countries, and even the Native Americans needed some saving from basically an invader. I hope this country will always remain somehow a land of freedom.

Okay on to the show: We found some interesting names in the line such as Crapo, Shatz and Pinhas... that last one is Hebrew and was translated from my husband's great-grandpa's tombstone. Jewish names written in English are quite interesting. I'm still laughing that if the Crapo's and the Shatz's got married, they could have hyphenated something lovely.

Pinhas is from Odessa (his wife from Poland), but not the Odessa Ukraine we know today, the Odessa, Kherson, Russia, Soviet Union where after Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, the Jewish community was basically looked at like this, 1/3 convert, 1/3 immigrate, 1/3 be exterminated. These relatives escaped a deadly fate by basically hiding, changing names, leaving family & all possessions behind, to survive. I have no idea if I'll ever find many of their names or stories, but they will not just be names on a paper; my children will know their story. We have family from Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Nicaragua, African American and soon to be Taiwan and many more unknown places that need to be remembered. My Aunt is actually visiting Scotland right now searching through cemeteries and records. One day, I'll find Nudelman and Lieder, Herz and others on some piece of history and they will no longer be a name on a paper, they'll have found their family.

This is what I was raised on... my grandmother loved searching and in turn her son; we spent many hours "going for a quick drive with dad" searching out old cemeteries in the middle of nowhere looking for names. We never told anyone when we were kids because we thought they'd think we were nuts. ha ha Now I don't care if ya'll think I'm nuts. =0)

Okay, so that is what I have been doing. It does (to a point) keep my mind off the fact that we are still waiting for a judge to say okay ... and my children have been learning a bit about history in the process. We still have yet to celebrate CNY ... Vegas always does their CNY the last day with dragon dances and basically a party so maybe we'll have final not so far off from CNY.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Help a friend

Click on the above picture to go to their site and see what is up!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Remembering Honey

Honey with her girls

Honey and Grandma Ethel Christmas/New Years 2007 Grandma Ethel passed away in Feb. Now they are together in Heaven.

This one is so funny! Didn't want your picture taken?

Today we remember Honey Brooke. She went home this day one year ago Remembering Honey a year ago . We miss her terribly but I know it's a lot harder on us than her. I have never erased her phone number out of my cell phone and I wear her clothes, hair-ties, etc. and I feel closer somehow (p.s. Honey, those platform shoes, especially those boots pinch my toes! How did you walk on those things? No pain, no gain, right!). Of course she is very near and watching over us. I was sad that she never met Milana but also know she isn't very far.

Honey studied gymnastics and probably would have been on an Olympic team; she had an accident on the balance bar and never quite regained her former strength. She was a champ on the tread-mill and could run for hours. Gymnastics turned out not to be her calling; it was nursing and she was an awesome O.R. nurse. I remember having Nika and she came up to visit in her scrubs. I was kinda loopey and I couldn't figure out why this scrubbed out nurse was visiting us and cooing all over Nika until she laughed at me and said, "It's Honey, you dork."
Another time, my husband was a teen (also had a mohawk) and walking through the mall with his friends; Honey came walking by and Donnie called out, "Hey Honey!" He ran up gave her a hug talked for a minute and then returned to his friends who thought he was the coolest dude ever for just calling some hot chick Honey and then hugging her. He told them she was his cousin but they didn't believe him.
Oh and that girl got the shopping gene like nobody's business! She LOVES shopping. I see her everytime I watch Disney's Enchanted... Gieselle looks so much like her. I see her in so many places and it makes me smile... I would never want to forget her.

At her funeral, a friend who was a nurse with her talked about how she would miss Honey's odd text messages, like, "I just had a Dr. Pepper"and "I have to pee." She is one of a kind. What an awesome, compassionate Angel God gained this day Jan 20, 2008. We miss you, your daughters and family miss you. We know you are helping the Lord out with some great works. We'll see again and I am so thankful for the time we had here with you. I love you Honey.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mouths of babes

Wow...what a day. I love inaugurations. No matter who wins the Presidency, I know they truly this nation. I love how we can change hands peacefully and truly hope that each President will guide wisely.

I want my children to understand the importance of this day. I need them to know not only the significance of every President, but what an honor it is to witness a nation put aside it's prejudices and join in united cause for our country. I've been feeding them tidbits but mostly to Nika because at almost nine years old, she holds more understanding of it's significance. Last night I asked her if she knew what important day was tomorrow; I gave her some clues but her mind drew a blank.

Here Kole pipes up, listening while playing with his toys on the ground, "Obama becomes President of the United States of America tomorrow."... only looking up once to see if we were listening. My husband was doing the dishes and dropped the plate in the sink laughing and I just stood there asking if he really just said that! It was too funny. He says things beyond his age and it is absolutely adorable. So Mr. President ... you are definitely in the hearts & minds of 4 year olds. They depend on you greatly, lead well. Please.

Last night, I had a pretty great dream. Taiwan allowed me to borrow Milana for one day (don't ask what that means because I have no idea... it's a dream). It was so amazing, I didn't like waking up but when I did, I was left with a very good feeling. She came in all shy but warmed up so quickly to all the children and just wanted to play and giggle. And we got to know her and videotape her being tickled with all the others on the floor. I was privileged to hold her, kiss her, rock her and feed her. It was a truly awesome dream and felt so very real. I can't wait for all of it to come true (minus the borrowing part... that made no sense). I normally never say "can't wait" as everyone usually always can... but really.... I AM beyond that can't wait stage.

Oh one more mouths of babes: When I told Jadyn to watch and wave when President Bush left in the helicopter, I said, "Look they're leaving." Jadyn asked, "To go bring Milana home?!"

Nika is having a bit of a rough time... she had a few episodes last week where she was crying each day and said she can't wait any longer. She said it just hurts too badly. I let her take a collage of pictures of Milana to school with her so she would have her near her all day. I received advice from a friend to allow her to go shopping for Milana and also make a book or two of pictures etc. Since she is my eldest, everything I encounter with her is a first in the Great Book of Momma Sara, so if you have anymore advice to keep her hopeful... I'd love to hear it. Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day! =0)

OOhHH! My friend posted this awesome video of Martin Lurther King's speech on her blog: I Have A Dream Thanks Sarah W.

MLK has always been a part of my childhood; my Mother was born on his actual birthday of January 15th. I was always happy to know the answer of his true birthday and not just the federal holiday. Since we've been sick (we're well now.. WOOHOO), I've been behind a bit. Happy Birthday to one the greatest women I have every known and who will ever exist on this earth. You are an angel and I love you so much. You deserve so much but always ask for so little. I can't wait for you to come out and watch the children for the week we are in TW so not only do you get to spoil your Grandbabies, but you'll be right front and center when your little Milana Grandbaby arrives as well. Happy Birthday Mommy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flu Kit

I didn't post all of my flu kit because I thought you all would think I'm a little overboard. I just can't stand the mess. Colds... there are really no messes there, you just feel yucky for a while and maybe some rouge sneezes. Gastrointestinal stuff is just not cool. So here is the rest of the kit or kit in full if you want to make one.

Per Child:
~1 bucket (or two if you don't feel like washing it each time; I have one to force me to wash it each time)
~2 to 3 waterproof mats
~a few blankets to trade off into the wash when they get sick on them
~a waterproof toddler mattress (Nika slept on it and she is 9; plus when they are sick, they don't really know where they are) or water proof pads on their bed... you'll need extras if you go this route.
~ Hair ties - the secret to a good anti-throw up hold is to put to piggies on the top sides of the heads and then tie them together on top with another tie... the girls can roll around and toss and turn all night and they don't come down.
~If you really don't want to get the others sick... separate the toothbrushes (we use Flippers ) and the toothpaste for the sick one... unless you want to run the top under hot water for 20 seconds... I run the water.
~If you want to get thorough and not have to wash a pillow... they have specially made waterproof pillow cases... I haven't gone that far.

Per house:
~Bleach & spray bottle. Dilute bleach (mix new everyday) with water and leave close to bathroom but safely away from hands. Every time they throw up or have a bowel movement, spray bleach on toilet and let dry.
~Electrolytes... I'm out, have been using Gatorade, and need to go to the store... a challenge when you have sickies... need grandma. Don't be left without this to prevent dehydration.
~Clorox wipes
~Desitin... for any ages, a week of diarrhea is just not cool and your child will be less likely to want to make it to the potty with a sore bum. Wipe it on a tissue first & then apply.
~Disposable gloves... a must. I just think after washing your hands 20 times, hand washing techniques lag, so just use gloves and still wash hands but you'll be a lot cleaner.
~Carpet cleaner and wood cleaner. If you don't have carpet cleaner... Spray N Wash or Shout in a bucket with water works just fine.
~ Lysol... it's easier for quick sprays on toilet, light-switches etc. It's also a good substitute for bleach as it kills the germs too. Don't forget to wash that tub you placed the child in.
~8 loads of laundry! Do that laundry even at 2 am. Contact with fluids is the biggest way to get it and that virus is airborne... so you can breath it in. Towels they use go in the wash.... at least I put them there.
~Paper towels and trash bags to scoop ... yeah. Put that trash immediately outside. You can also put cut trash bags under the bucket area in case of "not making it."
~Lots of rags for scrubbing... you'll be doing that a lot.
~Tylenol... numbs the stomach cramping
~Turn your water heater up! You will run out of hot water.
~Sense of humor... don't forget to laugh during all this. I do think this is a bit much but I have found myself wanting these things when the gastroenteritis hits.

Don't give fluids unless they've pretty much stopped throwing-up for two hours, then just small sips or ice chips for a bit... my son wanted to guzzle so we sat by him and controlled his sips but let him drink as much as he wanted... just slowly.
Also, I've noticed my children get the flu right when they are to go to sleep or an hour or two later. The seem to get sick about every hour on the hour, after the initial first couple times... so just a heads up. By morning, they usually are done... depending on what you feed them that day. Diarrhea is another story... oh boy.... waterproof pads on the beds for a week... just in case. If you have to leave anywhere, bring an extra set of clothes and a waterproof pad for their car-seat... not joking!

If you don't prevent the others from getting it, you didn't fail at all... if you can just move it back a day a too... it's better than everyone at once... that's exhausting. Have fun... stay well! =0)

I've never been a good "shopper" or shoe person; I'm just not terribly girly... although I'm getting there... I wear pink sometimes! I am thrifty, love to recycle and love to find treasures that people are getting rid of. But one thing I am good at is preparing for things. I analyze every bit of a scenario and prepare myself. I can't help it... maybe it comes from being on your toes living in the ghetto... don't know. I'm also good at organizing.... just not when there are kids undoing it! ha ha Then I just close my eyes; I enjoy the mess and Lego's stuck between my toes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stomach Flu Part II

Ah yes! More flu fun. Kole was next this week to get the flu although I believe we actually contained the first outbreak. He then got it from preschool. We tried. Poor kid doesn't know heads or tails when he is asleep. I slept next to him on a matress in the living; he was in the hall next to the bathroom on a toddler matress. He kept fighting me when I was trying to help him with the bucket or toliet! I had to hold him between my legs and squeeze so I could help him.

When he woke up, he didn't remember a thing. Nada! He doesn't even remember the bath in the middle of the night. Luckily, I still believe it is the rotavirus and each time you get that, it seems to lessen in severity so he was jumping all over the place the next day. The third day, each kid was exhausted again and grumpy.

Jadyn, Donnie and I, still fighting it and losing.... but we're still holding out hopes for minor symptoms. We have some symptoms and I've been sleeping next to Jadyn just in case (she's on the toddler matress now). Almsot through all 5! I know it's not a serious sickness, just incredibly annoying and messy.

I have a "stomach flu first aid kit"... yeah stop laughing. he he I can't stand the stomach flu... it's awful. So I have big buckets on stand-by as well as water-proof pads ready for each kid in the hall closet.... I used to have them in their respective closets. If the children will not allow you to place a pad on their pillow, put it under the pillow case. The best ones are the ones from the hospitals... medical supply store... they are super soft and don't feel crunchy or make noise. I have hair-ties ready and disposable gloves (they only way to go).

I remove all bedding and stuffed animals and replace with smaller easy to wash blankets. If stuffed animals still get a casuality... in the biggest pillow case they go and off to the wash. Must have tons of cleaners... just don't mix bleach fumes. I'm lysol captain as well. Usually we throw the kid who is sick in the room with me and sort of quarantin them. Don't forget the diet, electrolytes, and a well balanced diet of low fiber foods is best (bananas, rice, noodles, mild and few fruits & veggies) Toast with jelly adds pectin. NO SUGAR... or DAIRY... unless yogurt. Daddy learned that the hard way. Soda, really doesn't do anything, ice cream and yogos... not good on a sensitive stomach. If this is going around here... it makes it's way over to the east coast historically so get-ready but hope for the best. I so despise the flu.

Although all this sickness is running crazy all over, I'm very happy and excited. I don't know; I just can't sleep well at night. I keep thinking any minute, we'll have final. It has to be getting close... I'm too excited for it not to be soon. I'll be checking how ya'll are doing when I get well. =0)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Nika made a CHAIR from megabloks.

This is the cute little girl who is on Milana's toy package that I couldn't fit in her care package.... it looks a bit like her.

Kole playing with Milana's new toys.

Jadyn playing with Milana's new toys.

Okay this is just a blurt... a blubbering blurt. I never really received any confirmation of whether we truly were in court or not. Well through a twist of fate or slip of tongue (I'll take any info right now & not looking any gift horse in any area right now), I received confirmation that we've been in court 3 months.
Good news, most cases seem to take 3 to 4 months... makes me highly antsy and giddy and eager and anxious and nervous and all that rumbling around in my tummy. So maybe any day any week... this minute... Please.

Bad News, also got confirmation that it could be another 3 months for us to finish court. Not happy about that but having some sort of idea of a "due date" it's takes some of the "swelling outta my feet" so to speak.

Also, there aren't any updates of photos... their usually isn't. We'll probably make up for it when we pick her up as most foster families bring photos and toys & clothes etc. to send off with their/our little one (yes, for some time, our little one is their's, absolutely in love with them and so it is right to say that she is their's as well... I have more than enough room to share more love with my daughter from any side of the planet). I love LOVE... I'll take every bit I can get... makes you feel great.

Anyways, side-tracked. I also had a melt down this last week or two... I was so antsy waiting for final and photos that I think anything could set me off. Well turns out it was a play on words or names I should say.

I received a Christmas Card from our agency... I loved it. My husband and children loved it. They sent it to David and Sarah... I'm Sara (no 'h' required) and my husband is Donald. His Dada is David, his brother is David, his uncle is David.... he is no David. Next comes looking for photos. I was checking and checking and instead of photos... I received another name change. Someone added the last names to the pic site and my last name was mispelled to where it became a body part! I became The Brains!

I started bawling! I called my hubby, blubbering, "They think we're The Brains." mmwwhhaaaa it wasn't pretty... he started laughing and I kept saying... It's not funny while stifling laughter. Next came me calling a few friends of mine (whom I thank from the bottom of my heart) and there was crying and understanding and maybe some laughs.
Then I "washed my hands"... I can't let this swallow me up. I'm a strong happy person (at least I think so)... so now I'm on a positive side a bit I guess... trying to be happy. I have so much in my life to be grateful for. My children are so funny because they've been enjoying mom's scatterbrained-ness lately. The other day, I played Dominos with them in my pj's for 2 hours before I realized what I was doing!

SO give me silver linings... anything. I know it's getting closer... how close, I have no idea. I'm going to focus on writing my packing list, planning my trip, focusing on pictures i will get when I arrive, possibly the foster family I'll meet and some families have received not only pictures but albums and clothes and toys... things that we missed putting on her and taking photos of and playing with her, but that she will want to look back on and so will we imagining what it was like. Yes that was a run on sentence... oh well.... p.s. I always forget to spell chack too! ha ha

Silver lining: We know who we are waiting for (so many families do not know yet who they are waiting for and it is heartwrenching).

We are in court: there are friends who have been waiting and trying so hard to make it into court despite huge obstacles and my heart goes out to them.

3 months down, 3 to go... half full! Right?

Milana has a picture book of us... she has seen us!

Someday, I'll be able to show all of you the cuteness that is Milana... yo

We've sent care package with tidbits of home... somehow able to bridge this gap a little.

Someday, this gap will close and we WILL be an eternal family.
Story: Jadyn is certain Milana is no longer in Taiwan anymore and is searching for her... she says that she is at Grandma's house. In the grocery store, she ran up to this little Asian girl, nose to nose and stared into her eyes. Her shoulders slumped after a period of time and she walked off... "not her". Kole has decided that Milana should have Spiderman socks that are too small... those are pretty precious to him. Nika every once in a while, yells out, "Enough is enough!" "When is this done?" "We've waited long enough!" My husband never forgets her in family prayer; I can hear it in his voice, "I want her home." Keeping it together for the troops.... attempting.

Monday, January 12, 2009

S.H.E. Wo Ai Ni

One of my favorite Taiwan songs. I even put the karoake version so you can sing it (it has English as well). Yep, the kids and I sing this (minus the part where they sing really really fast).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taiwan Bans Smoking

Help a friend raise money for her adoption: crested-butte-trip-for-sale

Ban On Smoking All I have to say is wow & impressive. Vegas barely agreed to stop smoking in bars/restaurants. You can't smoke in restaurants, bars: yes as long as they don't serve food. "Taiwan bans smoking in all indoor public areas. Taiwanese authorities have banned smoking in all indoor public places in what anti-smoking activists say is a "milestone" in turning Taiwan into a smoke-free island. Smoking had previously been banned in public areas including hospitals, schools, theaters, libraries, office buildings and elevators. Under the new law, smoking is banned in all other public facilities such as hotels, restaurants, karaoke bars, Internet cafes and roofed transport stations. Those caught smoking in smoke-free facilities will face fines of up to 10,000 Taiwan dollars (300 US dollars). "The new law is a milestone in making Taiwan a smoke-free country," said Lin Ching-li, spokeswoman for the non-profit John Tung Foundation, one of the lobbying groups behind the campaign. Airports have closed their smoking rooms and local air carriers are barred from voluntarily selling cigarettes to passengers during flights under the new law. Health authorities estimate that half a million establishments could be affected by the new law, which became effective after its 18-month grace period expired. The amended law passed the legislature in June 2007."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tattoo Evolution

Forgot these last two pics... this was the rest of the full sleeve: one is right after it was done with the painful red-burn look.

First: Help a friend raise money to bring her little Josiah home. She's going to have an auction soon as well. Stay Tuned: Crested Butte Ski Trip

Dig a little deeper! (okay ignore for all you non-Cheetah Girl fans that have no idea what that means). We're digging deeper into the tats today. My husband has basically a tattoo evolution. He says that there isn't anything to tell... no story. Just that he likes art. I have no tats; too much of a chameleon... I like to change things. Now my husband is very expressive as well; we both LOVE art ... he just likes it on his body. Clayton... this post is for you. =0) And anyone else who ever wanted to know.

Okay, he has one on his knee that is always covered (which is my favorite, because it is HILARIOUS). It is this half-bulldog, half gargoyle looking head thing with straining neck muscles. It is so funny. He says this is a good lesson learner for kids on why you WAIT until you are older to get tattoos! He had two small ones on his right shoulder that were covered with a piece that he let a tattoo artist freehand. It is a mix of Japanese style, lotus flowers & kabuki masks with lava. Yup, just art. The one of his left arm was a shoulder piece that evolved. It started in Australia as a tribal dream catcher. Yes, he just walks in there and they start drawing on him with sharpie after he explains styles he likes.

Later (when I was pregnant with Nika & very sick that I spent hours watching him get tattooed curled up with morning sickness on a tattoo chair), he added some freehand work... which included any style that appeased him at the time. Again it's just art, but I believe the description back then was alien bone with cavern (the caverns are colored and the bone was black shaded)... basically you can look into it and see all kinds of things. People always try to guess what it is and depending on how you look at it; you can see whatever you like.

Next comes... the 3/4 sleeve. He decided to add more... this time... all black and shaded and I have no idea what it is. I think there is a skeleton head or two and some more art that I can't explain. Later he finished it to a full sleeve. Which is funny, because I had "rules" when I met him that he must not get one on his face, lower legs or arms or neck... why, because then it is harder for him to work. Now he just wears long-sleeves to work and no one knows.... and it's saved his arms from getting cut by metal (having long sleeves, not a tat... they're not titanium plated tats! Sorry, too many kid cartoons. Spiderman, Rhino.. titanium armour...okay I hear crickets.)

It's funny because people always ask what they mean and we have no answer. He didn't memorialize anyone on his arm; although when he was younger he wanted a gigantic skull covering his whole back (the Exploited Skull for those who know who that is). Thank goodness he didn't do that because that skull is freaky. He just loves art & thinks tattoos are a great expression of art.

When he was in Australia, he met a friend who fell in love with a Papua New Guinea "Princess" (head tribesman's daughter) and she had tattoos all over her face and body and was considered very beautiful. The story goes: he wanted to marry this girl, but was not part of this tribe (he was a missionary from another country) and was not allowed to marry her because she was very "prized". The head chief loved this man and said he could have any of his other daughters. This wouldn't do so he asked to "buy" her. The chief thought about it and asked for an outrageous amount of money thinking this man could never raise the money. So the man left back to Australia and it took him a long long time, but he indeed raised the money. The head chief was so impressed by this young man's determination and gave permission for him to marry his daughter for he must truly love her if he was willing to work that hard for her.

Now, this woman's tattoos were an expression of respect and appreciation of her culture. Even though my husband doesn't belong to that culture, for him, these tattoos represent a respect for himself. He doesn't talk about it this way, but I have known him for 10 years and this is how he is. The man in the story had to respect and honor the traditions of his future wife's culture; even if something is different doesn't mean it doesn't deserve respect, honor and appreciation.

I don't agree for everyone to just get tattoos. My children know that they hurt (feel like really bad road-rash) and they get flaky, colored, scabby skin that peels as they are healing (that sticks all over the shower), that they fade and that some tattoos are a bit ignorant to place on your body. They also know about the regrets people often have after getting them and that even though they are expensive to get a nice piece, they are way more expensive to get removed. It's very hard to go back once they are on. We've always been told that our body is a temple and needs respect. I also know that some like to decorate that temple. I like decorating. I stick to pen on paper as well as an occassional drawing on my hand, and art on my walls and t-shirts instead of my body, but to each their own & I'm happy my husband likes his art... I like it on him too and think they are beautiful. I couldn't imagine naked arms on him... he'd be so white. ha ha

Now, if you ever want to know about piercings... I can explain those later... those can be quite gross (and I'm telling you from personal experience and others' experiences). I have a scar that is quite the deterrent for my children. Not pretty.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stomach Bug Fairy

AHHH! One of my least favorite fairies came to visit last night: The Stomach Bug Fairy. You know the one that likes to wake up your child right after you've fallen into a deep sleep and have them stumble to your room, put their face next to yours and whisper 4 sweet nothings, "Mom, I threw up."

Poor Nika... poor bunk bed & floor... even Luke Skywalker riding in the Barbie car with his newest babe got obliterated. I spent last night up helping her & this morning my mother and I laughed about the times my siblings and I got sick as a kid. My mom said I was too young to remember but there was a great one when I lived in California where about 7 kids all got sick. She threw us in one room with blankets and buckets covering the floor! At least we can laugh.

Now I just hope it's the rota virus. Why? Jadyn had that vaccine. The symptoms seem to lessen each time a person gets it and I KNOW Nika and Kole have had it. Cross fingers as we wait out 10 days of contamination and incubation.

Okay next post is about tattoos... it has to wait.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Save Handmade Toys

Handmade Toy Alliance
A new law is going into effect to make toys safer as well as clothes. I am all for safe clothes and toys. Although I am for safe toys and clothes, I do not feel handmade clothes and toys should be effected, especially if the fabrics and materials purchased for these toys, etc. have already been tested, purchased in the U.S.. So many people have created stay at home jobs from online businesses of selling handmade items. I am not concerned about the safety from my handmade blanket from my child's Grandmother.

If you wish to help, please vote at this link below...

Another way to help: Craftsbury Kids This is the site belonging to the woman on the youtube video on She has listed ways to help.

This is a link to a blog that shows how many online stores will be effected, including online booties, clothes, hats.... everything. Just Add Charm

If you vote, some stores are giving away some prizes.

As I sit and really think about this, I have to edit my post. This is a cruel law (at least emotionally for me). As a child of ten siblings (and ...I love you Dad... a father who had very ill money managing skills...gambling), I grew up well below the poverty line. We barely had food, and lived off of what little we had through donations and food stamps. My mother would put our food out and leave the room without any for herself; she would wait until we had finished and eat what was left on our plates. We never asked for seconds... not only because we didn't really have it, but because it would take food from someone else (more than likely my mother). I was so starved, I would eat the dog and cat food and if we visited other peoples' homes, I searched out their dog food as well. My mother would cut up old clothes to patch the ones that were repairable. We would be naked without used clothes from Goodwil, Deseret Industries, Salvation Army, yard sales, and donations. I can't imagine the added expense of new clothes to my family's empty purse.

All of these places I mentioned that kept my family from being naked will be effected by this new law. I am not for lead poisoning; it is very serious and sad. There just has to be another way without punishing the many poor people who do live in America.

Also, my friend asked for a tattoo explanation of hubby's tats... will be the next post. =0)