Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun stuff

We just got back from Nika's podiatry appt and she no longer has ingrown toes! Yippee! No more pain.

Donnie and I celebrated our 11 yr anniversary & we got.... a new bed! Okay, everyone needs to get a Wynn Dream Bed... so not kidding. We both laid down on our backs and couldn't move... we both sleep on our sides but couldn't get ourselves to roll because it was so comfy. So my brave husband went first and said I had to try it because it was even better. I have slept so soundly the past couple nights; it's amazing. Oh and Happy Anniversary... I really do love you more than the bed. ;) You really are the only one who could ever understand me and actually enjoy it! I love you.

I still haven't gotten to our b-day posts. I have to do it soon, because I start college on Monday. I am going to start studying to become an Occupational Therapist! WOOHOO! I'm excited and so nervous about starting something for me. I did take my placement test for English and received the highest with ENG 101. I was so nervous that I'd have to start at the bottom because I haven't been in school for 13 yrs. I chickened out of the math one... so I can study more. I even bought Danica Mckellar's Math Doesn't Suck & Kiss My Math books... they are for middle school girls but I think I may have forgotten middle school math steps. oops.

Milana had a Urology appt & ultrasound and.... her kidneys are healing! Her hydronephrosis is lessening and we will do one more ultrasound in a year to make sure she continues to outgrow this. Her bladder size is going back to normal and this is excellent news. Her health is such a miracle and blessing.

Kole told me the other day, "Mom, I know what psycho kenesis is! It means you can move objects with your mind." Um, Kole, I don't even know how to spell pyscho kinesis... where did you learn that from?!@

Now, I need to run off again. =) ♥☻☺