Saturday, February 28, 2009

Operation Bring Dorothy Home Quick

Bring Dorothy Home Quickly! Alright Tisra has an awesome fund raiser running untill April 13th through 17th, not only am I excited for her finally getting to fund raise and think about travelling and bringing home that sweet angel, but she has some SWEET prizes. WEEEEE... okay a wii... and other great stuff! And some of the proceeds get passed on to Shaohannah's Hope who help other families cover their adoption costs. Plus you get to be apart of helping people build their families! =0) p.s. Tisra, LOVE the family photo!

As for this week... it's been busy. We've been house hunting for a bigger home... which is exhausting. We won't move officially until after Milana is home and we may move our stuff slowly over to the new home; we'll just roll with the flow.... or boucne along, whatever.

Let's see, Kole asked me if he can have a fruit bat as a pet, Nika went to her first play with a school field trip, Pippi Longstockings where she was able to sit on the front row... and meet the cast! So fun, Jadyn, is coming back fiesty and strong from RSV and back to torturing Kole... I know her Milana will be a hoot and always little someones to keep 8 of my eyes on... awh, man... I don't have eight eyes!?

Oh and they have this dog puppet that sings when you move his mouth, Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Why Do Birds..." yeah I know that's not the title... go with it. =0) They named him Jibby?! Jibby... all three children agreed on one name Jibby!? Go figure... exactly what I was trying to do for a week as they carried him everywhere loving on him, taking turns with him, in ahhh of Jibby (by the way, he was a left over Valentine animal at the store for a buck... gotta love when they love the cheap stuff).

So finally I have dad run in and weasel out why he is named Jibby (all I got was, "because that's his name." So they tell Dad, "Because he says his name, Why do Birds, suddenly appear, everytime, you are near. Just like me, they Love Jibby" HA HA Awh, Jibby you made my children make my day.... now if only you can replenish my sleep and energy because house shopping is no longer fun.... my calves hurt from so many stairs... yeah I seem to have gotten whimpy. he he

PLEEEEASEE!!!! Enter the drawing.
(Jadyn's first birthday!)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Want a Chinese Bath?

EDIT! Donnie came home and found a guy in the picture. I thought there were no people in it. So this is now a "Find Donnie's Great Great Grandpa" picture! ha ha

Okay, this is a picture I found going through old things that belonged to my husband's Grandmother after she passed away. It gave me a little giggle.

The big bowl reads, "Chinese Bath Tub. Back Scrub 5 cents. Full scrub 10 cents. Try It For Size."

Look at the house on the hill, the stage coach and that train. I have no idea what that sign in the background reads or how old this picture is. I believe it is old Nevada, Utah or California, not sure. And no, this isn't a find Donnie picture! ha ha Find Donnie And Find Donnie Again!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Danger of Commercials

Beware of Capri-Sun commercials. I was walking around my kitchen and my feet kept sticking to the floor. I looked at my socks and there was sticky stuff all over the bottom. I can't really see anything so I stoop to the ground and rub the floor... something sticky alright. It's everywhere, all over the whole thing... like a mop of sticky swabbed the deck.

I knew it wasn't Jadyn, she had been asleep for two hours... Nika was at school... Kole was the only one left. So I ask, "Kole did you spill your juice that I gave you earlier?" "Sorry mom." My turn, "But Kole it is all over the kitchen; did you squish the package and walk around the kitchen pouring it on the floor?"

Kole's response: "Well, I was disturbed by the tv... I'm sorry but it disturbed me into doing it. I jumped on the Caprisun when I stuck it on the ground and ... I'm sorry, the juice jumped out and sprayed all over... but not like the Caprisun commercial when he jumps on it and I couldn't stop it.. but I'm sorry I was just disturbed by the tv. But it didn't do it like the tv... then my clothes didn't go burrrghggghh and then fly and then whoosh & then respect it.... Mama... I didn't respect the pouch, I'm sorry"

After posting this, I let the children watch it and explained that you don't step on your juice... all the while, Jadyn is jumping up and down, Nika is giggling and Kole is saying in a deep voice, Respect the pouch, Respect it! There are dangers in them r commercials!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


No, no new picture updates but Milana's smile is contagious especially with the cute crumbs on her bottom lip.

It was hard to listen to Jadyn cough last night so I turned the fan on in my room so I could get a little sleep, then I slept the rest of the night in her room just to make sure her breathing was okay. Kole is sick too but he tested negative for RSV. We started the antibiotics last night. Didn't know if I wanted to, not knowing if it was a bacterial or viral infection and the doctor said we could wait and decide. I figured since Jadyn has never had antiobiotcs and we rarely use them unless necessary, we'd give it a shot and see what happens.

Today, MUY MUCH improvement with Kole. Jadyn is picking up a little steam but we still have a long way to go. Poor little dears. Nika has to remember patience with the sickies... that's a more difficult task for her. She can whip up some awesome fashion designs in seconds but when it comes to the little ones putting something out of order... I see steam, people! We do breathing techniques that I taught her from yoga & I can't help but giggle at her. She's so peppy & fiesty!

Love you all my little ones... I'm really at the "can not wait any longer until you are all together stage." Am I being punked? Ashton, this ain't funny no mo!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Welll My little Miss Jadyn has RSV. Poor little thing. Kole didn't test positive for it but both have been battling a nasty cold for a while. Keeps me busy. It actually is probably two to three different cold strains because it has lasted a while. The doctors and I are taking a wait and see approach. I'm doubling up on the fluids and actually getting a little sunshine helps a bit even if it is just for moods and vitamin D. Plus Vegas has been moist lately (thank Heavens!). So I have the antibiotic prescriptions if I need to use them but I'm hoping that with enough immune boosting foods and some TLC... we can finally get well. Nika, Donnie and I are hanging in there; we passed the cold already.... we definitely need a vacation from germs!

I'm looking forward to better health days! Keep Jadyn in your thoughts...RSV makes me a bit nervous.... thankfully she isn't a newborn preemie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My New Niece

Introducing my newest little niece Mara. She was born this month (but I keep birthday dates private). She was a tiny bit early but is doing well. She was 6 pounds 5 ounces which is great for an early arrival (and for mine whom were overdue... except Jadyn 7. 14)! Congratulations Sara & Eric, Mara is so sweet and beautiful. Can't wait to meet her in person... we'll visit sometime after Milana comes home. Hey, I think they are the first M's in the family... oh and Mikkel! Oh my, look at this little itty bitty! I know you and your children are ecstatic. Recover soon and well Sara... miss you and love you all a lot. Recover well is right.... Sara and Eric have 6 children!

Yes, my sister in law and I have the same name... was pretty funny when I wasn't married and had the same last name. She'd always introduce me to her friends as my sister Sara, and they'd always look at us crazy. "Hi, my name is Darryl, This is my brother Darryl." ha ha Her eldest thinks it is a crack up and always laughs with Nika, "You're mom & mine have the same name and they act alike too!" ha ha Sara, we must be robots... what do you think? j/j

Congratulations again on this little piece of Heaven.

For all those who are wondering, I have 23 nieces, nephews & grand nephews, and 4 of my own so that brings the number to 27 (please let me not forget one). I have to count them on fingers as I name them. When my siblings and I get together with all the wives and husbands and children, Donnie says we sound like chickens... well mostly just the women (or wemon as Donnie spells it... I keep telling him we aren't spelled like demon). I'm very comfortable in big crowds so Donnie always has to remind me when in grocery stores that it is too crowded. I should fit right in in Taipei! Okay minus my Caucasian-ness.... at least I'm the right height... okay my butt may be a dead give away... ha ha I can just wear black pants... except I may knock people over because it's in disguise. I knock the kids over all the time... no joke. Okay, I better post this before I ramble anymore out.

This will be me if we miss our flights! fgghgg cxvcsklpdggeghvcrfbmebg,ghiykkole (Kole's addition to this blog... he just woke up so bye!

Had to add an amazing one just so we can see some awesomeness after some of my ergh I mean flight lady's lunacy. Also the title bugs me... she's not crazy, she's awesome and has some serious skills.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Invisible Woman

I liked this, partly for the reason that you wonder how much you are appreciated for what you do sometimes... this reminds me that it is so much bigger and better than appreciation. I may not have all the riches in the world, or time in the world, but what I do makes a difference. What you do makes a difference.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Help Tisra & More

Row Toward Shore is a company whose aim is to sell their artwork to raise money for their own future adoption(s), but also to help others adopting. If you register with them, they will donate a percentage of sales to your adoption fund when a customer gives a certain code. They also donate to a fund designed to provide adoption grants.

The link I placed on this site is for my friend Tisra whose daughter Dorothy Nirmala is waiting in India. If you would like to help Tisra out, just mention FADELY upon check out. Thank you very much! =0)

JudyK... I just received some things in the mail... you sweet thing you! I have pictures to follow. I just had to say thank you and you brightened my day... see the fun you made. Thank you so much for Milana's gifts. The tiara is in her baby box now... Nika just had to try it on and dance around. Kole kept asking what the snack holder was and I was sticking it on his ear.... followed by delicious kid squeals. Jadyn had to use the snack holder later, but the box was an excellent substitute while she waited for it to be washed. I have to say a big thank you for the CD of Baby's First words in Chinese and the learning video. Jadyn broke our quick tyme on the pc so no sounds will play off those sites for parents wanting to speak any mandarin to their child. I definitely want to make sure my children can have some language skills other than English bouncing around in their brains (although having sung in Italian, Latin, Spanish, Hebrew, German and Mandarin... and growing up in a very multi-lingual area... I have some pretty interesting mumblings coming outta my mouth that my husband often asks what language that was in!) he he =0)

This book is so very sweet & you won't make it through without a tear. And Milana is very spoiled now with French Baby wash!! Shhhh... don't tell my sister... she went to france and may snag that. SHHHHHHh

Here's Kole hiding under the table from the "ear sucker"! ha ha There are so many pictures of this snack holder because I've never seen one of these (yup, I live under a rock)... it is very awesome.

Sarah K... that was so very kind and pulled on my heart -strings... not only did you surprise me with a beautiful fun travel blog-over, but that picture where you put Miss Milana in with Nika Kole and Jadyn was so thoughtful. Thank you for my gifts. I'm busy trying to print it out to put on our fridge... can't get it to load in my Kodak software ... yet. ;0) I can't wait to show everyone our little girl and her first sibling picture! I'm really liking the pink right now... it makes me smile! Also that picture of the flowers up on top are actual pictures! All of them are. Don't they look cool? Don't ask how it's done... have no idea. Sarah started to say and then it just became technical & I was lost! Thank you again Sarah. =0)

On adoption news, there is nothing wrong with our adoption as far as my director, our coordinator in Taiwan and St. Lucy's Center knows. This is actually fantastic news... I was very concerned about possible issues with court and so far so good. We're just hanging in there, hoping final is around the corner. Thank goodness we don't have any issues though. They also said that they are still working on getting photos.... wow.
Sorry guys, been a bit under the weather but I promise to post more when I'm a little more peppy!
OHHH... I almost didn't remember to post about my husband's treasure hunt! haha. Yesterday, Donnie asked me to get him a tums (I know so exciting.. hang in there) and there was a note on the cabinet that said Sara.. hmmmm It said, "It's time for a treasure hunt! If you were Captain Hook, where is the first place you would look?"
Okay I have problems...serious problems... I thought toilet. Who in the world thinks toilet?! Okay second thought was Mermaid Lagoon (daughter's fairy world) because he tries to kidnap the mermaids... no wait, it was the little Indian Girl, Tiger Lily... hubby starts quizing me and laughing hysterically that I am so off. Then he says, who would he go to? So I say "Peter Pan!" Then I decided he had a tree house so it must be in the kids' cottage. He couldn't take it anymore and was laughing too hard so, he told me to ask Kole. Kole took me to "Peter Pan"... his house plant that he named Peter Pan and there in the soil was clue 2.
"If you were hungry... wanted something to eat, this is the place I'd defrost my meat!" Microwave... got that one. Clue 3 "Strike a Pose... This is the place you blow your nose!" Tissue box. Alright doing better! 'You think you're funny; you think you're witty .... go check the only other woman that tells me I'm pretty!" You all would never get this one.
It's his Audi... that car talks to him. No joke, it's a girl's voice too. My husband tells me that his car tells him I love you, and You're beautiful! ha ha Once when Nika was in the car, he told her it talked to him & she started laughing at him. So he yelled at his car, "I have to pee." and the car said, "I'm sorry."
So in this Audi, is a box a reallly cool leather treasure chest and in it were two coin collections (I love coins!). Thank you love... that was the coolest Valentine! You truly are hilarious and thee only one for me!
HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY EvErYoNe!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Street Beat

Okay, I saw something driving down the street that made me giggle a bit. I saw a patrol car pull over and out jumped a 70+ year old Police man. I had to take a double look. There were no other patrol officers in the car. I guess I expected the city patrol people to not be someone who looks like I need to help him cross the street. I think it's great for him to be working and feeling that healthy and brave. I have to include brave... Vegas streets are not that easy. It just gave me a chuckle. I hope he's wanting to work and not just going out of police retirement because of the economy. I'm still trying to imagine him passing the physical exam.... he must seriously ROCK. I mean... he didn't have BACK-UP! I hope he stays safe... bless his hips & knees! That man is risking everything to be dedicated to our safety! And he's breaking down walls and stereotypes. You Go Dude.

p.s. Still having a bit of a cry-fest here and there so maybe this is why this is so funny.

p.s.s I know people talk about ladybugs being lucky& seeing one being lucky, but do you think it counts that I found a dead one at the bottom of my grape package ?!@#$ (that's not a link... the pc won't let me us @ like that without giving a link... go figure)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mixed Bag

Serious Things Jumping Over Here!

Alright we'll get the grumpy news over with first: got skipped again on update photos... have absolutely no idea about anything.. no news no nothing. Yesterday was a bit of the pits (well sort of).. I miscalculated and last month I thought I was at 6 months but I remember Judy correcting me saying it was 7 months... well she was right and I didn't realize until yesterday that we have waited 8 months since our daughter first came into our view in a picture. I am so thankful to have her in our lives, but I really really want her IN our lives not skirting our minds with ideas & dreams of her.

Good news... a sweet friend of mine entered court after so long! WOOHOO! And the joys of family have been really very comforting right now. I am allowing all manners of silliness to keep up the happy vibe. Starting with Mr. Bull, Cow, Bison or any other type of Bovine... Happy New Year with our fat chocolate cows! Thank you Donnie for bringing these awesome Golden Cows home... SOOO GOOOOOD!
Kole REALLY looks like he's enjoying that CNY lucky cow.
Jadyn's thinking Kole's cow must be yummier!
Next, Tisra, You are awesome. Your gift arrived with perfect timing. Thank you so very very much, that was very kind. Yesterday was bummy and when I opened your package and saw those baby legs... I finally got to pack Milana's clothes!! I couldn't decide whether to bring warm clothes or light clothes & I didn't want to bring ALL the clothes so your gift was perfect. Well, my children got hold of the clothes happiness & check out the pictures. p.s. No playpen sheets or Baby Legs were harmed in the making of these pics. I have to say... Tisra, you make awesome sheets... very durable and bright & a super hit for imagination. They ran around for an hour with your gifts. Tisra's Etsy shop has some great examples of this great artist's creations.

This fridge picture has a LOT of children in it. ;0)

Kole is very thrilled while inspecting his baby leg.

Jadyn is getting ready to sprint... I could barely get these pictures of her holding still... she kept running screaming all over the house.

Batman Pose (I asked her to pose like Batman)

Welcome to my world!
p.s. If you want more crazy photos while we wait... I have plenty in hiding! Plus I'm entertaining myself quite nicely with all these photos. ha ha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Okay this was just funny. I know these signs are there for safety but this gave me a good laugh that I had to share. Pretty intelligent little hacker there.... make them work for their electronic security. Another sign said, "Raptors ahead." he he

Congrats to a friend!

My friend Jen who is also with our agency just got FINAL!! WOOOHOOO JEN & FAMILY!!!! Hallelujah! We were keeping each other "wo is me company" together while we wait and she was so sweet to call me first thing this morning to tell me before she told others because we promised we would tell each other first. Thanks Jen, that was so very kind and don't worry I'll be right behind ya! I'm so thrilled for you and your family and can't wait to see your little guy in your arms. Now get packing girl... you have some serious stuff to do in less than 3 weeks!! WOW! What a great day! Can you finally breath??!!

Michele, Staci and my other friends who are waiting to get out of court... this train is moving forward slowly... but it's moving! We'll all get there. Sarah K... you better call the minute you are in court! I'm waiting impatiently for fantastic news for all.

To all my blog friends...I am actually reading when I can, normally I try to say a hello once a week, but... we went straight from the stomach flu into a nasty cold that is such a pesty guest! We'll just consider it practice for when Milana gets home and I won't find time to post at all! Doesn't mean I won't try or do weeks in pictures... let's say, four kids, four or more pictures = 4000 words or more, SWEET!

Lora... your kids can come by anytime on snow days or otherwise... although my artsy disorganization of kid collection lovely clutter may scare ya! ha ha

Talk with ya'll soon!