Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick note

Kole does not have Scoliosis! I know that I didn't tell anyone because I don't like worrying people. I soooooo thankful about this as well as no cataracts. He has posterior embryotoxon (the white of his eye covers a bit of his iris) which is a heightened risk for cataracts. But it's alllllll good! Many times blessed. More good news to follow.

Nika, Milana and myself had birthdays in April! Woohoo! B-day posts to follow. Let's see, we had spring break, Milana started preschool, and we will be having our final post-placement report this week. We have Nika's choir concert (so very excited to see that)!

Milana's preschool: She is doing absolutely wonderful! I stayed for days there but went into Kole's classroom and visited every 15 to 30 minutes until her body tension eased. She was a champ by the second day and very eager to go. I came back an hour later to check on her and she didn't run to me; she looked up excitedly and asked me to come look at her art. She was having a blast and it really eased my mind. Her demeanour has completely changed from almost a year ago. She is funny, bright, has budding confidence, knows her family well, is becoming predictable (HUGE BLESSING) and many many more great blessings have happened and continue to happen.

Well, the kids are hungry... have to run. =)