Friday, August 29, 2008


EDIT: Sorry, for now, we have to take down her photos per a request from our agency.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOO! This is sooo unbelievably EXCELLENT! I screamed at my poor husband sleeping on the couch who is very sick when I saw the email! I torture him but he loves me. This is what I found this morning:
"Congrats are in order! We just heard that you have been approved for the adoption of your little one. We’re excited and happy for you!
Time to celebrate. Have a great holiday weekend."
I am editing this to add some info from posts down below! Milana Lee is her name and she is 16 months old this month. She was born in 07 weighing 4 pounds 15 ounces. She weighed 22 pounds at 12 months and was walking while holding on to objects around her. She loves music and to wiggle to it; she can also feed herself crackers. She is in foster care in Taiwan where soon we will meet her, and bring her home to be with her for eternity. Meeting Milana Day is coming!
Sarah W. made this scrapbook cutie picture; Thank you so much for doing this for us.

These are the photos Sarah K. made for me to pick which one to place on my blog so I could give a little peek at Milana's awesome-ness! "There is no charge for awesome-ness!" Sarah these are soooo awesome!

This is the rogue picture that I accidentally posted of our care package! See Milana hiding in the picture frame!

The Original Picture when you captured our hearts, Milana.

First Family Photo (oh and Spiderman)

A chihuahua we just inherited.... NAME SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED... right now he has no name.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A..N...Y... SECOND!!! NOW, please?

EDIT: AWWWWWKKKKK Oops... I accidentally posted a picture of our daughter's care package and it had a picture of Milana in the photo album we sent! I turned off the computer... went to go to sleep, realized it, jumped out of bed and erased it... sorry guys.

Okay it should be any second that we receive approval... literally. Our agency said last Thursday that the orphanage plans on having our review done this week and at the latest Sept. 1st... Okay come on approval!! Come on contracts... I'm channeling Bob Barker now... he always gets those people moving. In other news... our care package arrived at our agency and it is being prepared to be shipped...TO TAIWAN! We also squeezed a special Gymboree blanket in there that is pink with a Panda and pastel polka dots/ flowers on the other side... but no picture yet... I have one to match at home!




Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Milana Lee

Okay, so even though I can't post a picture, I can post a sketch, right? This is something Sarah K made for me (she made a few more but my hubby has put me on picture detention and won't let me put them up until approval :0( Isn't it cool, though!?

So I thought I might help those who may need help with her name pronunciation (not that I'd know if you couldn't pronounce it... ha ha). Milana is Me-lawn-ah. It is a Czech (meaning grace or gracious & favor) /Russian (meaning precious dear)/Slavic/ sometimes Italian/ sometimes Hindi (meaning to meet) name. It was given not only because we think it is beautiful, fits her, and we love the meaning, but to honor my husband's family background as well (Odesa during Russian occupation). Each of our children have names that represent our family background. Milana's middle name is Lee, also my husband's as well as Lee means Plum in Mandarin. The plum blossom is the tree of Taiwan and Lee is one of the most common last names in Taiwan as well as the Fukian province in China, which is where most of the people from Taiwan eventually came from (about 400 years ago). So that is a bit about her name.

Okay, so now more about her. She is 16 months old this month and weighed 22 pounds at 12 months and was about 31 inches tall. She is doing extremely well especially for weighing 4 pounds 15 ounces at birth. She can walk holding herself up on things (of course she's probably walking right now but this is from the only info I have when she was just 12 months). She likes to dance, eat crackers, and has a hard time focusing on one thing too long (the spunky one will fit right in... now what was I saying?!;) I was trying to wait to post until we have approval but it is hard. My agency says, "nothing yet." They talk with someone in Taiwan every night at 3 am. ... so hopefully soon! Thanks everyone for your kind words and Congrats. They perked me up because I was so happy to share the news instead of focusing on approval. You all deserve sloppy cyber kisses. he ha Okay just hugs for the germ-a-phoebes. mmmmmmmaaaaahhhh

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Sweet Little Girl Has Found Us!

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!! We have the best kind of news to share! Our daughter has found us! We are ecstatic to introduce our daughter and Nika, Kole and Jadyn are so thrilled to introduce their sister! We have decided to give her the name Milana Lee, and she was born in 2007. FEC called us out of the blue and it completely shocked us. She is absolutely the child we have dreamed about. She has a very unique story (as we all do) and she definitely made sure that we knew that we are a family! She is so spunky and full of joy... it's been hard to think about waiting any longer to meet her!

We received her referral earlier but we wanted to wait for medical info and until orphanage approval before announcing. I COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! She is a waiting child; coordinated through St.Lucy's Center though she is in foster care and we are now waiting for contracts to officially say, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" Sarah W. made a cutie border & picture scrap book page as a surprise for us (making me cry); we'll debut that as soon as we hear! I tried smudging the picture of her face to show you but my Jadyn started crying and saying, "No! No! Don't do that to my Baby!" Please send us some prayers... we've been waiting 6 weeks for approval with no end in sight yet. That's why I lost it yesterday.... good enough reason right?

I have been loosing it trying to stay quiet... you want to shout these things from the mountains and then some! The kids love talking about her and helped set up the crib, pull out the toys, buy clothes and blankets. Jadyn talks to her at night when she sees her crib and Nika is so excited about having her come home (she keeps asking if she can hold her and rock and WHEN WILL SHE BE HERE!)... Kole is excited but is concerned that he doesn't get to sleep in her room! ha ha He says he wants to share everything with her and if she's in another room, he won't get too. I told him, "You'll have plenty to share."

Donnie carries her picture around in his phone and has saved me already because I didn't have it on me once to show people (eek).

YES! YES!! YES!!! Cartwheels and super happy dancing! "The dreams that you wish do come true!"

I have to thank some people... greatly. All of those who have been there to listen to me lose it, comfort me and make me laugh, my husband for keeping me in line and hopeful and being amazing (yes, hun, you were right; she found us sooner than I thought) :0), the children for being patient when mommy was sad or mentally preoccupied, for my family who also listened to me lose it and explain the process 500 times, my agency for helping us get here, my friends on my group boards =0)and Milana's birthgiver who not only gave her life but gave her to us.

We thank Heavenly Father who knows us better than we know ourselves; He knew and knows more than I possibly could have envisioned for our family (opened our eyes to amazing possibilities). I am greatly honored and deeply touched by all of your support. Thank you all from every bit of my being. Much Love, Sara (WE KNOW WHO OUR CHILD IS, Can't wait to REALLY know her!)

p.s. Can I relax now? No? I have to wait more?!!!! Awh, Man! =0)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feeling Better & Price Is Right

No, that's not my tat.

That last post was just a venting session... no I didn't turn my living room into a pool, although that would be fun to have an indoor pool and lounge in that instead of a sofa. After talking with my agency, I can breathe, for now.

On to The Price Is Right~! A few years ago (in 2002) The Price is Right came to town. I LOVE that show... my father used to take work off when I was sick and watch TPIR and also the South Pacific. It was our thing. I know every game and how to play it, where the best spot is to place those Plinko chips and how much everything usually costs.

So the show arrives in town. They are handing out 900 tickets for one day only at the Rio, so my husband (who I had to beg), his co-worker & I arrive at 3 am. I have this tank top on that my husband screen-printed with "Bobilicious" with a picture of Bob on the gum wrapper and I'm ready to see Bob. We think, "Ha ha, 3 am., no one will be there!" WRONG! There were 10,000 people shoved into one long winding hallway! Yikes! It was sardines and craziness.

Somehow we weaved our way close to the front doors which was packed so tight. It was crazier than some punk concerts I've been too. One poor elderly woman passed out and people wouldn't move. I started shoving people aside to help get her to a vacant reservation counter and get her room. Security couldn't even make it to her let alone hear over everyone screaming and yelling and shoving. After 5 hours, someone announced, "They had given all the seats away." So most people left. We decided we were too tired to wait any longer and left. Our friend waited around and after a few more hours, they actually gave out the tickets then. There were too many people and it was against fire code so they had to figure a way to clear everyone out earlier. We didn't get in but those few hours in the hall were insane and hilarious and probably a little dangerous and stinky and sweaty (& it was in the winter). P.s. the articles you may find on google say that they gave the tickets out at 5 am... I know different.

Here we are, in a city where we have seriously famous and wealthy people just stroll through all the time with no bodyguards etc. and usually not a crazy paparazzi fest unless they've announced their visit (on purpose) and here Bob Barker gets a crazy mob going with poor elderly ladies getting smushed and people getting in fights over cutting in line to see BOB! You should have seen the get-ups people were wearing too; back then I didn't really take pictures so sorry no pics.

Bob, you truly are Bobilicious and I miss you. And I neutered my dog... your wife would be happy. =0) p.s. Bob knows Karate.


Okay.. the last part of the title doesn't count (I don't use "technical" bad words although I believe any word has "bad potential" depending on how it's delivered... so this represents those words). This is just a culmination of super frustration of ultimate exasperation! And how many times I can us "-tion-" words in one sentence. j/j And the worst part is I can't explain! AAGHGGHGHHGGGHHH Just had to yell out into the abyss before I do something crazy like make a swimming pool in my living room (home owner's insurance covers adoption process insanity, right?) Okay. Carry on with your normally scheduled programming!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lopez Lomong

Lopez Lomong Carries US Olympic Flag

When the US contingent marches into Bird's Nest Stadium in the opening ceremony at the 2008 Olympics, the proud flag bearer will be Lopez Lomong, an adoptee from Sudan.

The story of the 23-year-old athlete's road to Beijing is one of triumph over adversity. He was only six when he and other children were taken at gunpoint from a church in his Sudanese village by militiamen determined to turn them into soldiers. He would not see his family for 15 years.

One night, he escaped and ran until he reached a refuge camp in northern Kenya where he remained for a decade. In 2001, he was brought to America as part of a program to relocate the "Lost Boys of Sudan," Then 16, he was adopted by a couple in a Syracuse, NY suburb who learned about him from a bulletin in their church.

Lomong hadn't known about the Olympics until he saw the 2000 Olympics on a TV set in the Kenyan refugee camp. That's when he decided to become a runner. Last year as a Northern Arizona University undergraduate, he won the 1500 meter at the NCAA Track and Field Competition. This year he qualified for the Olympics by finishing in the top three in the 1500 meter at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials. He made the team only a year after becoming a U.S. citizen.

Lomong is a member of Team Darfur, part of a group of Olympians that seeks increased recognition of the problem.

His story is an inspiring one and if you want to know more about him, you can google search his name.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bounce House & Meeting Friends

This last month, our neice had a birthday at this great indoor bounce house (the only way to go here) and the kids were happy little sweat balls of fury, running all over the place. Oh yeah, my legs hurt the next day. It was like American Gladiators, where you go through this obstacle course. The course bounces as you walk so you get hit in the head by giant pillars just by the weight of you and then you climb a mini wall and slid down the rest... then through some tunnels. There is a giant slide, a mini football/soccer/basketball arena and a boxing arena with those giant gloves! Whew...I get tired thinking about it. It was a blast.

Sarah K came to town with her sister also! I had so much fun meeting you for lunch with the kiddos and Donnie. Other than many bathroom trips (ha ha), it was great & the kids loved it at the Rainforest Cafe. Jadyn was a bit leary of the Gorillas at first but then she hooted like one for days later (she still is hooting and grunting). Kole was funny and asked me later, is that who we are adopting? ha ha Sarah can I keep you? Kole says we can. Nika was just taking it all in and then was a chatter box on the way home. Donnie really enjoyed it because he kind of avoids restaurants because of the children's noise level, but this was perfect because it was loud and entertaining for the kiddos (I think we totally have to go back for that Volcano Ice Cream dessert!) Thanks for spending a bit of your vacation hanging out with us!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Poo Post

Yup, one of life's great mysteries from the dark side. On my last post, I wrote about crazy humans... well the best stories always involve poo. I have NO idea why, but that is so. My friend posted about her Hubby officer and the wacky humans that be, and it reminded me of just how wacky they became when my hubby worked valet and bellman.

My favorite was of an elderly man who had valet park his car and went in the Casino. A few moments later he comes running out and told my husband to get his car because he "Crapped his pants." When my hubby pulls the car around, the man hops in the back seat, rips his pants off, finds a new pair and says, "Okay you can repark this." and walks back inside leaving the poo pants in the car! My hubby and his co-workers are freaking out at this point and call security on "The Bio-Hazard". Then they flipped coins over who would enter the vehicle and get the registration to call the man to the front of the casino. His daughter came out as well and then they had an argument over why he didn't drive to her house around the corner and shower! His response, "I can't miss Bingo!"

Another good one: following a trail of poo through the casino, rounding the corner and seeing the gift shop cashier standing shocked looking at a giant pile. Then walking out the nearest door and seeing a man walking with light blue pants and a smear down his leg, while shaking it as he walks!

And alas... if you ever have one and you call for your underwear to be cleaned in a hotel, please be courteous: rinse it and put it in the ice bag or trash bag BEFORE handing it to the bellman; even if you hand it over with a hundo...they ain't gonna take it! Oh and answer the door with at least a towel, and No, hands over your boobies don't count as covered!

For your sanitary needs, take off the comforter as soon as you get to a hotel and call front desk IMMEDIATELY and ask for a clean one because this one is dirty, Trust Me!

Sorry I'm in a wierd mood. Hope no one is utterly disgusted or at least too disgusted that I could publicly post such things (add me to the wacky human list as well)!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gimme some spicy sugar, Baby!

"In northern Florida last week, a Jacksonville man called 911 to complain that a Subway left the sauce off a spicy Italian sandwich.

On Sunday another man was arrested after calling 911 five times during an argument with his brother. He demanded that dispatchers send deputies to help sort things out.

An arrest report says a 47-year-old man was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino early Monday and called 911 to say the slot machine stole his money. The report says he left the casino to place a second 911 call to say the same thing."

These had me laughing in tears; I don't know why but they are just great! Thanks for the laughs, wacky human beings! You make it all worth while. =0)