Thursday, March 27, 2008

Habby .... haha

Okay, I couldn't change the post below about the birthdays! Habby is just too funny. I laughed so hard... probably harder than I should have. That is what happens when you add a tired momma to the pc when she is worried that her adoption is going to take 5 times longer than she originally planned. I had a meltdown today, feeling like doomsday or something. Feel much better after talking to my agency today as well as getting support from all the other waiting roller-coaster riders. Man... you feel like that song... whoaaaaa... here she comes, watch out or she'll chew you up, She's a man-eater. Does the wait make you appreciate things better? I wonder because I know I appreciate so many things a LOT more... number one... the patience and compassion of others for other parents-in-waiting! So hab a Habby Day! Love ya =0)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Habby Birthday Dad and Jadyn

Awh, yes! More birthdays! Woohoo! We have 3 birthdays within 13 days of each other in March and in April my daughter and I are born on the same day! Pretty full month and lots of cake. Yum! Dad is 30 (hehe that makes him feel old) and Jadyn is 2! 

Jadyn... what to say to one of the silliest, most laugh-filled child I have ever met! I love you, Sweet Cheekies! You brighten everyone's day and are a super "Rock Star" (she thinks she's Hannah Montana and if I call her Princess, she says, "No mama! ROCK STAR!") You are such a treasure and you bless us everyday with your presence. I love what a lady you are becoming and am amazed at what lies ahead. Thanks for being my Jade Dragon, Nika's Princess Lemon, Daddy's HiYah Rock Star, and Kole's best sword-fighting little one! We love you and Happy Second Birthday! P.S. Now that you're 2, you're not going to deliberately spill water on the floor anymore, right?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Kole!!

This week was Kole's birthday! Happy birthday my little man! We went to the Natural History Museum and showed the children around. Most of the items were taxidermy animals which I was really glad the children really had no idea what that means! They thought it was awesome. They have these robotic dinosaurs that move and roar when you push a button. Jadyn was very scared of T-rex but liked the Villosa Raptors???!!! She also loved the baby dinosaurs formerly known as brontosaurus. Kole loved digging for dinosaur bones and fossils with Nika and Jadyn. He loved the HUGE pythons, but was terrified of the aquarium with baby sharks and sting rays (it was an open tank); I think Nika would have jumped in! Sorry no pics ... forgot camera.

My little guy just turned four and still seems like my baby (do they ever not seem like your little baby?!@). He keeps my day full of laughter and cuddles and a few struggles like shoes and clothes and "stop bugging each other." I love every minute with him and often walk in to see him sleep... he's sooo cute when he falls asleep in the car (that is the best time to squish his cheeks because he is sooo out and doesn't get tired of it). haha. I love you Kole... thanks for sharing who you are with me. Love Mom. =0)