Monday, November 23, 2009

Few of my favorites

"Mom, you're older than Michael Jackson right?" -Nika Thank you, Nika.

"Mom! Mom! I got a Muscl-lator just for you!" Kole pronounced as he ran from one of the houses he trick-or-treated at for Halloween. Reading in dim light is hazardous to your health... you get "Whoopers, Sneakers and Muscl-lators" (Whoppers, Snickers, and Three Musketeers)... the latter given to your son by a man who looked like the only guy who could grow hair in N-sync... sorry Joey Fatone. I thought the Poor "Muscl-lator" was going to fall over when he heard Kole running off with his candy for me, while he tried to look very fancy in a tank-top during a cold Halloween night, giving candy out to children. P.s. I didn't snag all the Muscl-lators, Whoopers and Sneakers.... I swear.

Milana was woken up from a nap the other day and of all the things she could say before she even opened her eyes... "Mama, I want an Oreo."

Jadyn likes chap stick:
What Nika, Kole and Milana were doing....

What Jadyn was doing. She was tired.
The hot new doll fashion brought to you by Nika. Fully biodegradable and oh so chic.

Enjoying the tigers but oh so hungry and tired by now (Long day at The Dolphins and Secret Garden at the Mirage).
I have no idea how Nika does that... You just say her name, and POSE!

"Why isn't he eating him?" I didn't answer that one... got any ideas? ha ha And yes Kole, Baby tigers are very cute.
What part of my post would be complete without some screaming?! Turn down the sound. Daily exercising of Pepper the Hamster and crazy kids. "HAAAAMMMMMSSSTTTTTTTTAAAAARRR!"

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume Time!

Was I a witch?

I am Elvis? (thank you very much)
NO! I am Tinkerbell! What do you expect; it was my first hard word in English! Beautiful Fairy crown courtesy of Miss Judy.... thank you sooo very much; she loves it and we often keep it up because of the love oozing out to break it.
Give your 5 year old son a whip and you're guaranteed to have fun! My one and only Indy. Our little Batgirl all grown up and ready to fight crime!

Spidergirl steps out of the comics long enough to go to a rock concert; uh I mean trick or treating.

Fly Tink! Fly!
Family pic at Grandma's before forever altered by candy... although Daddy's eyebrow already looks altered. Milana did not like the sparkles I stuck on her face... she grimaced for awhile until they dried.
Sorting way too much loot with Daddy.
Goodnight Jack! Hey, who forgot to blow out the candle?