Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Local Opportunity Village Devastated By Rain

Hi Everyone, I am spreading the word to help out Opportunity Village; this is a not-for-profit organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities. Each year they bring to life the Magical Forest that delights children young and old with a train, huge light display, slides, food (& I thought a carousel). The Marines and many local groups come out and help set the festival of lights up, and my daughter was set to sing there had she not come down with the rotavirus.

Recently, Las Vegas has experienced unusual, torrential downpours which has devastated the Magical Forest and forced it's closure. The much-needed revenue from admission to the Forest is now lost and the organization is pleading for help. If you are feeling generous, please donate to their cause ($10, $5, anything). This is one of the more rare, fun events for children that Vegas holds each year. I was planning on taking the children this year. It has true Vegas spirit with over-the-top lights rivaling a casino. My sister was one that was helped by their organization. She has a mental illness and they employed her for a time. If helping individuals with intellectual disabilities is close to your heart, this is a wonderful cause. Thanks everyone. :)