Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cashews in the Washer

I am taking a break. Really. I have been pre-reading my anatomy book for class so that way when I am doing school for four children and myself, I'm ahead of the game. I'm on page 361 of a 560 page book. Finished my PSY class which was more like PSY year 3 not 101 (even a different professor said this teach went all out)... but I survived and hopefully wiser as well. School starts in one week and I am sorry but summer is way too long of a break; I favor year round schools... why? so many reasons, like doing daily homeschooling is exhausting while they're out (I give huge props to the full-time homeschoolers!!), adults don't have 3 month long breaks so why get the kids used to that and then throw them out into the work field and see if they can reverse 20+ years of summer break, and three, my ideas lag about the 2nd month on how to keep them entertained especially while reading about the sternocleidomastoid muscle while the kids are sneakily kicking each other and blaming the other child.

Oh wait, this was called "cashews in the washer"... why, because that is what I found when doing the wash after going to Legoland this summer. I put them in Kole's pocket when we went to the ocean to keep him eating and his mind off of... dun dun dun dun SAND ON HIS FEET! I had to pick out tons of them. I've had a multitude of oddities turn up in the washer but never cashews. What odd things have you found before? Haha... and you probably just thought I was nuts naming this post about nuts! har har I need sleep.

I also found that Milana LOVES rollercoasters and other exciting rides... not too keen on the darker ride that strolls through cave-like interiors. Kole... not a thrill seeker; loves laser shooting rides. Jadyn half and half and Kole's nerves seem to overtake her sometimes, but Nika and Milana's adventurous spirits sometimes win out... Nika mostly there and while she'll go on any ride, she gets nervous just before take-off. I don't have nerves other than wishing I didn't have to rub my neck after the inevitable whiplash of the bruisers. The kids are so adorable and loved having some time to chill.

We also went to Arizona in June for a week and a half. My niece's wedding gave us a great reason to visit everyone. It was right in the middle of my PSY class so I did 4 wks of college work in two weeks (which since it was a summer class was equivalent to 6-8 weeks) just so I could go and enjoy AZ (I think I still am having dreams about seratonin re-uptake!). We went swimming, visited a small amusement park, had a great pot-luck with my giant familia (which some of them had never met Milana before so that was actually very nice as Milana really liked them... I waited for her to be freaked out by their sheer voluminous numbers but she did awesome), and my kids went on a boat for the first time ever... I even wake-boarded and didn't get dragged the whole time.


Sarah said...

So good to hear from you! I had chocolate covered almonds in my dryer last week. Gotta blog about that one... if I ever find time to. Hugs to you, girlfriend!

Sarah said...

So... I found a few minutes to blog about my almonds. :)

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Terry said...

College will keep anyone busy-happy to see new post and pictures. And I agree - School year round! Even when they get older it is still hard to keep them busy, help around the house only goes so far! Love all the pictures and the stories! Good Luck on your classes!! Can't wait to hear what you find in the washer next LOL :-)

lorabelle said...

See that Mike Thomas has found you as well...Hmmmmm....

Loving that you are back to posting! You are one of the best mommy's I know, btw! Love Love Love your take on Motherhood and the amount of attention you dote on your crew.
Because I SO understand the Cashews and the sand on the feet. Even though we're passed that stage right now, it seems there is always something different and it takes a lot of extra work to be ONE STEP AHEAD of "sensitive" ones!
You always manage to do just that and MORE!

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Miss you!

lorabelle said...

Oh, I find crayons, markers, Nicolette gum, screws, erasers, cash, keys... You name it!
LOL... I have even found peanuts before, but only because one of my kids left a small package on peanut M&M's in his pocket! The chocolate melted and the nuts stayed. Nasty!