Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Picking up their new puppy Smiles!

I am doing dishes and hear Jadyn whispering, "Sit. Shhhhh." I turn around to see her feeding our puppies Chubbs & Dumpster a spoonful of her yogurt and then taking licks herself.

"Jadyn, what are you doing?!"

"But mommy, I just couldn't resist Chubbs' cute little puppy face!"

My sister came over to my house before I arrived home. Jadyn sees her car and emphatically declares, "Mom! Open the door quick! I need to get out because Aunt Jo thinks I'm the cutest one! Hurry!"

Jadyn and Milana bonked heads and Jadyn went down crying (Milana fake cried). I rubbed both their heads & told Jadyn I know Milana's head is hard like a rock. Jadyn says "Actually mom, it's made of metal because she is the meddler & gets into EVERYTHING! She has the power of a metal head and the power to meddle!" Unbeknown to me Milana is really Super Hero The Meddler (as the others have dubbed her). She proudly announces this now and puts her hands on her hips. Well... I guess there are plenty of worse things children can call their siblings.

Kole just finished the 3rd Harry Potter Book (Prisoner of Azkaban) and now has earned the reward of watching the movie. I think the Harry Potter material becomes a little thick from this point on. I truly did not know if Kole would finish a daunting book of over 400 pages. Slightly nervous about book number four. Think I may post-pone borrowing it from the library. Oddly enough, he was scared of the first one (saw it before reading it) and the second one he said, "Mom, this one is so not scary... they left a whole lot out!" That was the point of him reading the book first. He took his time and when it was a bit too overwhelming of a story line, he set the book aside (not an easy task with a movie). So when did you/will you let your children watch Harry Potter?

Nika just experienced her first pedicure & manicure at a spa... she was glowing. So adorable and I swear that child is a fabulous diva in training... the sweet ones. My child is joining the ranks of junior high children next year! eeeekk

Finished my math midterm; somehow finished 100%... totally weird. Tomorrow, I take on Political Science...grrrr bring it on! One more class & prerequisites are complete (just my Occupational Science class!).

The birthdays that I never posted about last year were Milana, Nika & me. I had good reason (emotionally sorting things). Will talk about that soon.

These next two months, I have 3 babies being born (family), 2-3 baby showers, 1-2 bridal shower, wedding receptions, my anniversary (12 years WOOOO), Nika, Milana and my b-days... (and many more extended b-days) and a baby niece's birth to attend to. Don't forget finals! Alright, pass me a crate of Rock Stars! haha


Andrea said...

great pic in the van.
Of courrse I will totally refrain from showng it to my kids. I am already getting the business about one friends new rabbits. ;)

lorabelle said...

Everytime I get overwhelmed with my own crazy busy, hectic life of choice, I should just head over this direction so I know that I'm not alone!
The never ending roller-coaster of life that brings us closer and closer...LOL!!!
I always enjoy reading your posts and catching up on your family happenings...

When the time is right I hope that you do share more about "sorting things out". I swear all of us have gone through this but I'm not sure that we've all posted about it. I'm sure you will have a huge comment page dedicated to this post when you are ready to share!

Congratulations on Aceing your final. You truly are an inspiration and I'm really proud of you!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Thanks for sharing your world! Prayin for yall :) Always love pics :)

Tisra said...

Those monkeys of yours are cute AS ALWAYS!!!! You know I know the whole "sorting it out" thing. Whew. Most of the time its not that I mind sharing it on the blog, but just that I simply do not have adequate words to describe exactly all that should be said! I want to do it justice, you know?