Thursday, January 12, 2012

Terrifying, Blessed and Funny Moment ALL AT ONCE!

Slowing down the clock; watching a terrifying moment turn into moments of rejoicing, complete with comedy from the peanut gallery. While loading my children in the car after school today, I ran through a final checklist before reversing. I glanced into my blind spots and slightly noticed a mother loading her 2 to 3 children in her van with an infant baby stroller just outside the passenger door. In that split second, I saw a huge gust of wind thrust the stroller forward at great speeds and out into the street. Not one single person noticed... except me.

I felt like a golf ball was lodged in my throat and frantically started screaming, "Save the Baby! Save the Baby!" This wasn't a normal scream (I used to sing opera); it was a Curious George, opera lady in the bath tub type of scream. I couldn't take my eyes off the baby coasting further into the road. Without thinking, I began viciously pounding on my horn while screeching, "Save the Baby! Save the Baby!" My closed window did not carry my screams well, but that horn jolted the mother enough to turn around.

Quickly, she realized her baby was gone and sprinted into the road saving the baby, which had coasted about 20 to 25 feet. My heart literally hurt. I cupped my hand over my mouth as I gasped and choked back tears. I finally found the window button and said, "I didn't know what to do. I was in here screaming for someone to save the baby and my hands just seemed to only find the horn. Thank goodness it did and your baby is okay."

She looked so shocked and could only stumble out an out-of-breath "thank you." I left quickly, still reeling from the event when my mind began to replay the commentary in the background by my three stooges. Kole, Jadyn, and Milana had not seen the event...the baby event. They did witness something called "Mom." At the beginning of my tirade, I heard a mixture of: "Baby? What Baby? Hee hee, Why is she screaming Save the Baby and honking the horn? I think mom has lost it. hahaha I think she's gone crazy. hahaha Yeah, mom's gone pyscho! hahaha Can I honk the horn next mom? I wanna be crazy like you." I can only imagine what I looked like at that moment to them, but at least one family has been saved from tragedy and one little precious girl is sleeping safe and sound right now. And maybe, just maybe, mom learned what stroller brakes are for.


lorabelle said...

YIKES! What an afternoon!!! So Glad for Happy Endings for EVERYONE involved!!!

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